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News and Awards

75th Anniversary Logo

Statistics Department 75th Anniversary

In 2016 the NC State Department of Statistics is celebrating its 75th Anniversary! Click here to see all of the details

Fred Wright – $1.2 Million Grant from NHGRI

Fred Wright, Professor of Statistics and Biological Sciences, and Professor Andrew Nobel of UNC have been awarded a new 3-year $1.2 million grant from NHGRI, “Multi-tissue and network models for next-generation eQTL studies.” The grant stems from work that Wright, … Continue reading

Dr. Reich and Dr. Wilson — Materials Science project

A team of researchers from NC State, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and NIST, including Brian Reich and Alyson Wilson, recently published a fundamental advance in materials science that will allow researchers to use advanced statistical techniques to derive more complete … Continue reading

Photo: Len Stefanski

Len Stefanski Interim Head

Leonard A. Stefanski became Interim Head of the Department of Statistics on July 1, 2016. Dr. Stefanski is a highly respected researcher, Fellow of the American Statistical Association, past Editor of JASA, and co-author of three books. He is especially … Continue reading