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Remote Access to Department Disk Space

The department is moving away from the use of AFS to use Active Directory. In doing so we recommend that most of you keep important files in your "Documents" or "Desktop" folders in the Departments Active Directory environment.

Transferring files back and forth to this area can be done via a "Remote Desktop" session either to your office machine or using the WINBUGS cluster. In addition to remote desktop we have a sever setup to allow SFTP transfers to your disk space. Using programs such as WINSCP or Cyberduck you should be able to login to sftp.stat.ad.ncsu.edu using your UNITYID and DEPT Password. Once logged in you should be able to transfer your files back and forth to the department disk space. Undergraduate students desiring this type of access needs to use sftp-ugrad.stat.ad.ncsu.edu because your accounts are setup slightly different.

You can configure ExpanDrive to connect Department file space (S:).

Remote Access to Beowulf Disk Space

In addition to the instructions on the beowulf information page about using WinSCP, you can also configure ExpanDrive to connect to the beowulf disk space if desired. Use the following settings to connect:

Remote Access to Department Lockers

There has been the occasions that some faculty need to access shared folders remotely. Often referred to as "lockers". Currently the servers above only give you access to your home directories. Must request access first and login one time through ssh to finish setting up this access.