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ST311 - Introduction to Statistics

SP 2017 Sections:

001Woodard,Roger01108 SAS Hall08:30AM-09:20AMF35/30 - Closed
002Woodard,Roger01216 SAS Hall08:30AM-09:20AMF34/30 - Closed
003Woodard,Roger01108 SAS Hall09:35AM-10:25AMF35/35 - Closed
004Woodard,Roger01216 SAS Hall09:35AM-10:25AMF31/30 - Closed
005Woodard,Roger01108 SAS Hall10:40AM-11:30AMF34/30 - Closed
006Woodard,Roger01216 SAS Hall10:40AM-11:30AMF35/30 - Closed
007Woodard,Roger01108 SAS Hall11:45AM-12:35PMF33/30 - Closed
008Woodard,Roger01216 SAS Hall11:45AM-12:35PMF35/30 - Closed
009Woodard,Roger01108 SAS Hall12:50PM-01:40PMF35/30 - Closed
010Woodard,Roger01216 SAS Hall12:50PM-01:40PMF35/30 - Closed

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