Peter Bloomfield
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10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Tuesdays
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5210 SAS Hall
Teaching Assistant
Indranil Sahoo
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10:30 - 11:30 a.m., Mondays
3:00 - 5:00 p.m., Tuesdays
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Statistics Tutorial Room (1101 SAS Hall)
Class meeting times
3:00 - 4:15 p.m. MW, in 323 Mann Hall

Course prerequisites

(ST 302 or ST 305) and (MA 305 or MA 405)

General Education Requirements

Not applicable.

Student learning outcomes

Regression analysis as a flexible statistical problem solving methodology. Students will gain considerable experience working with data. Data from examples and problems in the text are provided on a CD provided with the text, and are also available online. Students will use SAS or other statistical software to do most homework assignments.

Required Textbook

William Mendenhall and Terry Sincich, A Second Course in Statistics: Regression Analysis. Pearson Education, Inc.

The current edition is the 7th, but you may also use the 6th edition. The data sets used in examples may be downloaded from the publisher's web site.

Course organization and scope

  1. Review and introduction
  2. Simple linear regression
  3. Multiple regression
  4. Model building and variable screening
  5. Residual analysis
  6. Logistic and non-linear regression

Reading assignments

See the reading assignments page.

Homework assignments

See the homework assignments page.


You will take two in-class midterm tests. Each test will cover specific parts of the topics listed above. Test questions will be similar to exercises on the preceding homework assignments. See the test schedule page.

The tests are closed-book; for each test, you may prepare a single page (both sides) of hand-written notes for use in the test.

You will also complete a final project, and present a 5-minute summary during the scheduled final exam period. See the project information page.


The course grade will be based on homework (10%), tests (30% each), and the final project (30%). The homework grade will reflect completeness and timeliness, not correctness; you are encouraged to work together to master these exercises. Tests are of course graded for correctness, and must be your own individual work.

Course grades will be rounded to the nearest %, and letter grades will be assigned on the basis A+ = 98-100, A = 93-97, A- = 90-92, B+ = 87-89, B = 83-87, and so on.


are excused from the tests, but meet all other course requirements, including timely submission of homework.

Incomplete grades and late assignments

An incomplete grade will be given only in accordance with NCSU grading policy. Homework will be accepted late only with prior approval from the instructor.

Attendance, absences, and makeup work

Full participation in classes and examinations is expected of all students. Students are expected to inform the instructor in advance about any anticipated excused absences. See the university attendance regulation for university definitions of excused absences.

Academic Integrity

  1. NCSU has a policy on academic integrity, which you may find in the Code of Student Conduct.
  2. It is the understanding and expectation of the instructor that the student's signature on any test or examination means that the student neither gave nor received unauthorized aid.
  3. As noted above, you are encouraged to work together to master the exercises assigned as homework. All tests and the final examination are submitted for a grade, and must be your own individual work.

Students with disabilities

Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register with Disability Services for Students at 1900 Student Health Center, Campus Box 7509, 515-7653. For more information on NC State's policy on working with students with disabilities, please see the Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Regulation (REG02.20.01).

Laboratory safety and field trips

Not applicable.

Statement on extra expenses

Not applicable.

Statement on transportation

Not applicable.