ST 114 - Statistical Programming (Fall 2016)

Course Information

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Instructor: Eric Chi

TA: Lin Dong

Prerequisites: None

Texts and Resources:

Practical Programming (2nd Edition) An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python 3, by Paul Gries, Jennifer Campbell, and Jason Montojo

Course Overview & Goals

This is an introductory course to computer programming for statisticians using python. Emphasis is on designing algorithms, problem solving, and forming good coding practices: methodical development of programs from specifications; documentation and style; appropriate use of control structures such as loops, of data types such as arrays; and of modular program organization; version control. Students will become acquainted with core statistical computational problems through examples and coding assignments, including computation of histograms, boxplots, quantiles, and least squares regression.

Course Materials

Course materials, including lecture notes, homework, and the discussion forum, will be available at