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Tutoring and Consulting Services

Below is a list of graduate students that offer tutoring or consulting. This is not a free service; each student determines his/her own rate to be paid. If you are unable to reach someone on the list, please try another name on the list. This list is updated near the beginning of each semester. To contact a student, please use the NCSU Campus Directory.

Das, Debraj
Das, Priyam
Day, Josh
Dong, Lin (Peggy)
Du, Xingqi (Maggie)
Gaines, Brian
Hazra, Arnab
Hu, Hao
Hu, Liuyi
Jackson, Jami
Jiang, Runchao
Li, Guowei
Li, Meng
Liang, Shuhan
Mehrotra, Suchit
Meyer, Nicholas
Muyskens, Amanda
Ning, Po
Peterson, G. Colin
Roy, Arkaprava
Sahoo, Indranil
Samranvedhya, Jirapat (Pat)
Su, Lin
Talapatra, Kasturi
Turnbull, Brad
Wei, Ran (Jennifer)
Wilcox, Andrew
Wilson, Todd
Xiong, Ze (Garry)
Yang, Meng
Yang, Peng
Zhang, Yan (Dora)
Zhu, Jiapeng