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Tutoring Services

Below is a list of graduate students that offer tutoring services. This is not a free service; each student determines his/her own rate to be paid. If you are unable to reach someone on the list, please try another name on the list. This list is updated near the beginning of each semester. To contact a student, please use the NCSU Campus Directory.

Katherine Allen
Amanda Bell
Yun-chin Chu
Debraj Das
Ryan Dickerson
Mai Duong
Brian Gaines
Arnab Hazra
Jami Jackson
Christopher Krut
Jon Leirer
Wei Li
Zhonkai (Kevin) Liu
Isaac Michaud
Colleen McKendry
Brian Naughton
Kiran Nihlani
Arkaprava Roy
Shuping Ruan
In Hae Sohn
Qianwen Tan
Jiapeng Zhu