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Trend Analysis

The TREND procedure performs crop trend analysis. This version of the procedure is a conversion of Dr. Herb Kirk's dissertation research from the mid-1970s.

The TREND procedure was recompiled to make it compatible with SAS version 6.09 and the UNIX operating system. We appreciate Rick Langston of SAS Institute for his assistance with this conversion. The current version of this procedure works with SUN 5.4 ( Solaris) and SAS version 6.09.

Rick Langston, of SAS Institute, has stored the current version of the TREND procedure on the SAS File Contribution Repository (FCR)   It is available there for several operating systems.We appreciate Rick's work and support of the TREND procedure.

Locally, we have stored the The TREND procedure in our SAS class locker so that it is publicly available. To access the locker you must first add  sasclass_info . The complete path name would then be /ncsu/sasclass_info/trend.

To run the TREND procedure in batch:

To run the TREND procedure interactively:

Things to note:

Sample Program:

(April 1997 - TREND worked fine on and & Sun Version 5.4,Solaris)

(June 1999- TREND worked fine on -- SunOS Version 5.5.1 )

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