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NCSU Dept of Statistics
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Raleigh, NC 27695-8203

Tel: (919) 515-2528
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Department Seminars

Schedule of Upcoming Seminars:

    Environmental Seminar
    09/04/2014 04:15pm - 05:15pm
    Name: Robert Wolpert, Duke University
    Title: Combining Deterministic & Stochastic Models for Hazard Assessment

    Statistics Seminar
    09/05/2014 03:00pm - 04:00pm
    Name: Tony Cai, The Wharton School, Dept of Statistics, Penn
    Title: Estimation of High-Dimensional Low-Rank Matrices

    Biostatistics Seminar
    09/10/2014 04:15pm - 05:15pm
    Name: Prof. Gong Tang, University of Pittsburgh, Biostatistics
    Title: A Modified Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Analysis of Data with Missing Values

    Biostatistics Seminar
    09/11/2014 04:15pm - 05:15pm
    Name: Yang Feng, Dept of Statistics, Columbia University
    Title: Variable Selection and Prediction with Incomplete High-Dimensional Data

    Environmental Seminar
    09/25/2014 04:15pm - 05:15pm
    Name: Dr. Jane Hoppin, NCSU Dept of Biological Sciences and NCSU Environmental Health Science Cluster
    Title: tba

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