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Department Beowulf Cluster

The department has put together a Linux cluster designed to meet the needs of most Statistics Department faculty and students. We have created tools which hopefully will make it easy to submit your program. We are willing to work with you personally on your initial job submission to our cluster and to answer questions or problems you may encounter.

The files stored on the cluster are NOT backed up. The disk space is available for running simmulations only. Please keep your results and important code backed up elsewhere. This space is shared by everyone using the cluster, so we have implemented a 300GB quota to keep someone from filling up all of the disk space. If you need more disk space than this, please let us know.

You can submit as many jobs as you wish, however you can use 40 processor cores (20 max per job) at a time and the other jobs will stay in the queue. The scheduling software places your jobs submission in line with others waiting to run a simulation. As a queue becomes available the next person in line gets to use the next available queue assuming that person is not already using 40 processor cores. 448 total cores are available for processing. Do not submit jobs under other users names to bypass the 40 core limit. Both accounts will be heavily restricted or removed.

For details on how to use the cluster and submit jobs, please see the Beowulf instructions page.

Current Cluster Configuration