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Department Beowulf Cluster Instructions

To submit a job, use the following steps:
  1. Request Access
    • Email help@stat.ncsu.edu stating you wish to have login access to the beowulf cluster and include your Unity ID.
  2. Transfer your programs to cluster.
    • {from mac} $ scp [program] unityid@beowulf.stat.ncsu.edu:
    • {from pc} start winscp and connect to beowulf.stat.ncsu.edu with your Unity ID and password
  3. Login to Cluster
    • {from mac} ssh unityid@beowulf.stat.ncsu.edu
    • {from pc}start putty and connect to beowulf.stat.ncsu.edu with your Unity ID and password
  4. Submit job

    There are 2 ways to submit jobs. If you use bwsubmit, it will submit a job that will allow you to use 1 processor core and up to 8GB of RAM. If you use bwsubmit_multi, it will let you schedule a job using up to 20 processor cores each and 8GB of RAM for each processor core. If your program uses more than the allocated amount of RAM, or your job runs for more than 20 days, the scheduler will kill your job. Request multiple processors to get more memory allocation, even if you do not use the cores.

    It is your responsibility to test your code and know how much RAM your code requires before you run jobs on the cluster. Your job will also be limited to the number of processors you request. If you try to use more than you have requested, the performance of your program will suffer greatly. You can have up to 40 cores worth of jobs running at a time (20 max per job). You could have 40 single core jobs, or you can mix and match multi-core jobs up to 20 cores each. Do not submit jobs under other users names to bypass the 40 core limit. Both accounts will be heavily restricted or removed.

    • $ bwsubmit [program] [filename] OR bwsubmit_multi [processor_cores] [program] [filename]
    • Examples
      • $ bwsubmit sas program.sas OR bwsubmit_multi 3 sas program.sas
      • $ bwsubmit r sim.r OR bwsubmit_multi 7 r sim.r
      • $ bwsubmit exec fortran.exe OR bwsubmit_multi 10 exec fortran.exe
      • $ bwsubmit matlab prog.m OR bwsubmit_multi 5 matlab prog.m
  5. Log Off Cluster
    • $ exit
  6. You'll receive an email when your program has finished running
  7. Transfer your results from cluster to your computer just like step 2 above.

Other useful commands: