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IPads are growing in popularity. More and more faculty and students are acquiring them to assist them with their needs to teach or stay connected. Please see the mobile device setup for information about setting up email and networking on your device.

Beneficial Apps

App NamePriceTypeRecommended?
2Screens (5.99+0.40)=$6.39 Presentation App Highly
iAnnotate PDF (7.99+0.54)=$8.53 PDF Markup App Highly
Files Connect (4.99+0.34)=$5.33 File Transfer Application Highly
Note Taker HD (4.99+0.34)=$5.33 Handwriting Note Taking App Highly
Tex Touch (9.99+0.67)=$10.66 LaTeX App Optional
Prompt (7.99+0.54)=$8.53 SSH Client (Beowulf/Linux Access) Optional
Dropbox $0.00 Dropbox Interface Highly
Skype $0.00 Skype Interface Highly
Cisco AnyConnect $0.00 VPN Software Highly
powerOne Scientific Calculator - Lite $0.00 Scientific Calculator Highly
Emoji Free $0.00 Icons - For Messenging Optional

If you purchase the "Highly" recommended applications it will cost $20.25. If you have something you would recommend, please share. If you don't like one of the Apps listed, please let us know.


Currently printing is difficult to do with the IPAD, you need Apple specific wifi printers. However I have purchased this device and highly recommend it for older non-wifi network printers. Lantronix XPrintserver