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SAS Software

SAS is a commercial statistical software licensed yearly to NCSU. It can be installed on Windows and some Linux distributions.

https://software.ncsu.edu/campus/sas/ - The NCSU SAS Software Page.
https://software.ncsu.edu/campus/sasjmp-license-files/ - The NCSU SAS License Files.
https://www.sas.com/en_us/software/university-edition.html - The SAS University Edition. (Virtual Machine running SAS through a web browser.)
http://support.sas.com/documentation/ - SAS Online Documentation.

SAS is a very large package (over 17GB for the NCSU distribution ISO) and is confusing to install for many people. You will obtain the NCSU distribution ISO following the download instructions.

The instructions below are for installing from the mounted ISO on a Windows machine.

This install process is extremely slow and may require disabling your antivirus software or rebooting the computer.

The University Edition is a Virtual Machine that you can download and run via a Virtual Machine Client like Virtual Box. It will not have Enterprise Miner nor the screens that is referred to in most documentation/screen-shots.