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2011 Department Media Gallery

  • International Dinner

    The annual Statistics Department International Dinner is an event where the members of the statistics department bring a dish to share that is unique to their culture. There is also a talent show following the meal.

  • Annual Beach Trip

    The beach trip is an opportunity for faculty, staff, students and friends of the Department to get to know each other, build a friendship and networking, while enjoying the beautiful Carolina beach, food, games and nice weather.

  • President Visits NCSU

    President Barack Obama visited NC State University on Wednesday September 14, 2011. Obama outlined his jobs proposal, a package of tax credits, tax cuts and infrastructure improvements that would, he said, create jobs and “provide tax relief for every worker and every small business owner in America.” If passed, Obama said the bill would affect 170,000 small business owners in North Carolina.

  • Fall Graduation

  • Ice Cream Social Gallery