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Behnken, Donald Washington. Simplex-sum designs; a class of second order rotatable designs derivable from those of first order. (Hader)

Federspiel, Charles Foster. An investigation of some multiple regression methods for incomplete samples. (Monroe)

Martin, Frank Garland Jr.. An empirical study of the effect of linkage on progress from selection. (Cockerham)

Pasternack, Bernard Samuel. Reversal functions of a test procedure and their associated bounds when data are incomplete. (Ogawa)

Turner, Malcom Elijah Jr.. The single process law: a study in nonlinear regression. (Monroe)

Wells, William Tunstall. Some contributions to the solution of some statistical problems in the exterior ballistics of spin-stabilized rockets. (Anderson)

Mallios, William Steve


Bangdiwala, Ishverlal Surchand. Some sequential procedures for ordering populations according to means, variances and regression coefficients. (Monroe)

Kojima, Ken-ichi. [Title unknown]. (Cockerham)

Koop, John Clement. Contributions to the general theory of sampling finite populations without replacement and with unequal probabilities. (Finkner)

Lasman, Lonnie Louis. Asymptotic distribution of sample size for certain methods of sequential sampling. (Williams)

Dale, Douglas Keith
Davis, Wilford Lavern
Foradori, George Thomas
Gutierrez, Jose Sebastian
Prairie, Richard Roland


Gehan, Edmund Alpheus. Some statistical methods applicable to studies of infrequent diseases with applications to a study of rheumatic heart disease in North Carolina. (Greenberg)

Mendenhall, William III. Estimation of parameters of exponentially distributed failure time distributions from censored life test data. (Hader)

Minton, Paul Dixon. Some distributions related to column totals in sociometric matrices. (Anderson)

Miravalle, Robert John. [Title unknown]. (Robinson)

Morrison, Robert Dean. Some studies on the estimates of the exponents in models containing one and two exponentials. (Lucas)

Mote, Vasant Lakshman. An investigation of the effect of mis-classification on the chi square tests in the analysis of categorical data. (Anderson)

Van Der Reyden, Dirk. The use of orthogonal polynomial contrasts in the confounding of factorial experiments. (Advisor unknown)

Guzman, Miguel Angel
Harding, Reuben Martt
Hurst, David Charles
Pavate, Mohan Veerabhadra
Yniguez, Amador D'Bayan


Gardiner, Donald Andrew. Some third order rotatable designs. (Hader)

Gosslee, David Gilbert. Level of significance and power of the unweighted means' test. (Lucas)

Kastenbaum, Marvin Aaron. Analysis of frequency data in multiway contingency tables. (Greenberg)

Kelleher, Therese Marie. Analysis and interpretation of variation of inbred lines and F1 crosses in corn. (Robinson)

Khalil, Abdel Rhaman. Joint interpretation of heterosis and genetic variances in two corn varieties and their crosses. (Comstock)

Paul, Gilbert Ivan. A method of estimating epistatic variance in random mating populations. (Comstock)

Tucker, Henry. Sampling for agricultural price statistics. (Horvitz)

Miravalle, Sarah Jensen
Pasternack, Bernard Samuel
Pollack, Edward
Shah, Vishwa Parakram


Ashton, Gordon Clemence. The utility of certain concomitant observations in reducing the variation in the rate of gain in body weight of swine. (Lucas)

Freund, Rudolf Jakob. The introduction of risk into a linear programming model. (Anderson)

Gates, Charles Edgar. The constitution of genetic variances and covariances in self-fertilized crops assuming linkage. (Comstock)

Said, Elmahdy Elmahdy. A comparison between alternative techniques using supplementary information in sample survey design. (Horvitz)

Tikkiwal, Bhagwan Das. Multiphase sampling on successive occasions. (Horvitz)

Airth, John Malcolm
Nochol, Robert Joseph
Rowley, Sheila Isabelle
Titus, Jeanne May Truett
Turner, Malcolm Elijah Jr.


Andersen, Sigurd Lokken. Robust tests for variances and effect of non normality and variance heterogeneity on standard tests. (Hader)

Crump, Phelps Putnam. Optimal designs to estimate the parameters of a variance component model. (Anderson)

Danford, Masil Bryan. Factor analysis and related statistical techniques. (Smith)

Free, Spencer Michael Jr.. Relationship of instrument color measurements to some quality indices of flue-cured tobacco. (Anderson)

Grandage, Arnold Herbert Edward. Biological assay of a material when interfering substances are present. (Lucas)

Hunter, John Stuart. Multi-factor experimental designs. (Hader)

Smith, Harry Jr.. Weighting coefficients for age-adjusted death rates. (Greenberg)

Doynow, David Nathan
Ginsburg, Herbert
Kelleher, Therese Marie
Sands, Daniel Edward


Calvin, Lyle David. Doubly balanced incomplete block designs for experiments in which the treatment effects are correlated. (Anderson)

Horner, Theodore Wright. Non-allelic gene interaction and the interpretation of quantitative genetic data. (Comstock)

Teichroew, Dan. Distribution sampling with high speed computers. (Anderson)

Dinsmore, Joseph Smart Jr.
Fleischer, Jack
Gehan, Edmund Alpheus
Khajeh-Nouri, Abbas Gholi
Khalil, Abdel Rhaman
Said, Elmahdy Elmahdy


Cox, Edwin Lory. On estimating the size of biological populations. (Smith)

Sen, Amode Ranjan. Further developments of the theory and application of the selection of primary sampling units, with special reference to the North Carolina agricultural population. (Anderson)

Watson, Geoffrey Stuart. Serial correlation in regression analysis. (Anderson)

Free, Spencer Michael Jr.
Gates, Charles Edgar
Rullan, Miguel Angel Valencia

Brake, Norman Edward
Garner, Norman Robert
Horner, Theodore Wright
Sentz, James Curtis


Finkner, Alva Leroy. Further investigation on the theory and application of sampling for scarcity items. (Anderson)

Foster, Walter Dean. On the selection of predictors: two approaches. (Rigney)

Jebe, Emil Henry. The theory and application of the selection of primary units for sampling an agricultural population. (Anderson)

Kimball, Allyn Winthrop Jr.. Studies in the statistical design and analysis of microbiological assays of amino acids. (Peach)

Wakeley, Jay Townsend. On linear regression methods as related to long-time experiments in agricultural climatology. (Comstock)

Bangdiwala, Ishverlal Surchand
Boyd, Joe Nelson
Kastenbaum, Marvin Aaron
Mazumdar, Subash Veerprasad