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Ahsanullah, Mohammad. Consistency of least squares estimates for time series with lagged and regression variables with independent errors. (Proctor)

Goldsmith, Charles Harry. Three-stage nested design for estimating variance components. (Hader)

Helms, Ronald Williams. A procedure for the selection of terms and estimation of coefficients in a response surface model with integration-orthogonal terms. (Hader)

McBride, Leon Curtis. A study of the distribution pattern of the incorporation of ratio-iron into rat liver ferritin. (Lucas)

Michaels, Scott Edward. Optimization of testing and estimation procedures for a quadratic regression model. (Hader)

Parish, Robert George. Minimum bias approximation of models by polynomials of low order. (Steel)

Samad, Abdus. Multilocation inventory model with special sale. (Bhattacharyya)

Schofield, Thomas John. Estimating a mixture of noisy sinusoidal components. (Proctor)

Suh, Moon Won. A study of the distribution and moments of bundle strength in sequential breakage of parallel filaments. (Grandage)

Akram, Muhammad
Chang, Gene Jin-Yuh
Chang, Hamilton Horng-two
Chao, George Chi
Haley, William Jess
Harrington, Dermot
Hussain, Mazhar
Korts, David Cornelius
Kuretz, Christopher Alexander
Neeley, Douglas Lee Roy
Ordoukhani, Nasser
Parrish, Russell Vaughan
Shih, Wen Fu Peng


Allen, David Mitchell. Multivariate analysis of nonlinear models. (Grizzle)

Fretwell, Stephen DeWitt. On territorial behavior and other factors influencing habitat distribution in birds. (Lucas)

Hwang, Frank Kwang-Ming. An inventory model with special sale. (Bhattacharyya)

Johnston, Bruce Owen. Spacing of information in the simple exponential model. (Grandage)

McMillan, Robert Glen. Tests for one or two outliers. (David)

Toro-Vizcarrondo, Carlos. Multicolinearity and the mean square error criterion in multiple regression: A test and some sequential estimator comparisons. (Wallace)

Weir, Bruce Spencer. The two locus inbreeding function. (Cockerham)

Bengson, Rolulus Quintos
Bhotycharoen, Krissana
Chowadee, Aporn
Clayton, Carlyle Andrew
Dionne, Albert
Dyer, Carl Leroy
Edwards, Richard Reed
Goodnight, James Howard
Holland, Burt S.
Lounsbury, John Marshall
Paez, Gilberto
Paku, George Ankutse
Picard, Jean-Marc
Pope, Lawrence Henry
Shapiro, Gary Merrill
Sherrill, Michael Walter
Smets, Philippe Fernand
Suwattee, Prachoom
Young, Sidney Stanley
Yuan, Cheng-Hsuan
Yudhanahas, Chomnit
Zuniga, Noel


Abou-El Fittouh, Hosni. Genotype by environment interaction in cotton - their nature, related environmental factors, and implications in zoning. (Rawlings)

Battiste, Edward Louis. Prior information and ill-condition in regression systems. (Anderson)

Glasser, Jay Howard. A stochastic model for industrial illness absenteeism. (Hall)

Hussain, Ashiq. Combining time series and cross-section data in simultaneous linear equations. (Wallace)

Karson, Marvin Jay. Bias and variance criteria for estimators and designs for fitting polynomial responses. (Hader)

Lee, Sung Won. A probability model for random fiber breakage. (Lucas)

Mason, Frank Duff. Simulation of a multi-station system of queues with delayed exponential service. (Monroe)

Park, Hong Nai. Comparison of estimators for two multi-stage designs when sampling on successive occasions. (Horvitz)

Chiacchierini, Richard Phillip
Fishelson, Gideon
Garcia, Alfredo Manuel
George, Stephen L.
Johnson, Thomas
Lott, William Frank
Malpica, Victor Enrique
Moore, Richard Paul
Nabors, John N. Jr.
Negrin-Soto, Escalastico
Otto, Gordon Henry
Schleicher, Lee Ann Hall
Schreuder, Gerard Fritz
Servy, Elsa Clotilde
Sun, Evan Hsi-wen
Swango, Nancy Marie
Tarbox, Christina Kay
Vencovsky, Roland
Warren, Fred Byers
Webb, Phyllis Anne
Zarka, Sami


Assakul, Kwanchai. Testing hypotheses with categorical data subject to misclassification. (Proctor)

Knappenberger, Herbert Allan. A generalized model for the optimal selection of quality control test parameters. (Grandage)

Kussmaul, Keith Lee. Estimation of the mean and variance components in a two-stage nested design with composited samples. (Anderson)

Metzler, Carl Maust. Estimation of transport rates by radioisotope studies of non-steady-state-systems. (Lucas)

Purakam, Niyom. Multi-stage sampling on successive occasions where first-stage units are drawn with unequal probabilities and with replacement. (Koop)

Yandle, David Owen. A test of significance for comparing two different systems of stratifying the same population. (Hader)

Allen, David Mitchell
Bonello, Thomas John Schofield
Brown, John Edward
Christensen, Howard Blair
Chromy, James Raymond
Courage, George Robert
Goh, Michael Khen Hing
Gomez, Ramon Salvador
Hwang, Frank Kwang-Ming
Lehman, Shirley Young
McBride, Leon Curtis
Merritt, Kenneth Earl
Mullet, Gary Michael
Patil, Kashinath Durga
Ranney, Gipsie Bush
Ryan, Joseph Thomas
Schleicher, Edward Everett III
Valiquette, Luc Joseph Paul


Bratten, Melvin Ole. The union of partial diallel mating designs and incomplete block environmental designs. (Cockerham)

Gun, Atindramohan. The use of a preliminary test for interactions in the estimation of factorial means. (van der Vaart)

Harvey, James Raymond. Fractional moments of a quadratic form in noncentral normal random variables. (Anderson)

Kanofsky, Paul Benjamin. Parametric confidence bands on cumulative distribution functions. (Grizzle)

Nasoetion, Andi Hakim. An evaluation of two procedures to estimate genetic and environmental parameters in a simultaneous selfing and partial diallel test crossing design. (Cockerham)

Nixon, David Eugene. A study of the distributions of two test statistics for periodicity in variance. (Herbst)

Nuri, Walid Abdul. Fourier methods in the study of variance fluctuations in time series analysis. (Herbst)

Arroyo, Julio Roger
Busch, Kenneth Arthur
Cruz, Ildefonso Tolentino
Essa, Mohamed I. M.
Gautam, Moksh Pratap
Gregory, Walton Carlyle II
Hussain, Ashiq
Lambert, John Carlyle
Levy, Frederick William
Michaels, Scott Edward
Olsson, Donald Maynard
Phithayaratana, Songsri
Sherdon, Albert William


Kuehl, Robert Otto. Estimators for genetic parameters of populations derived from parents of a diallel mating. (Cockerham)

Magistad, John Gilbert. Some steady-state and transient solutions for sampled queues. (Anderson)

Orense, Marcelo Macabiog. Estimation of the exponentials in a double exponential regression cruve. (Grandage)

Overton, Walter Scott. On estimating the mean ordinate of a continuous function over a specified interval. (Finkner)

Rhyne, Alfred Leonard. Some multiple comparison sign tests. (Stell)

Rohde, Charles August. Contributions to the theory, computation and application of generalized inverses. (Lucas)

White, Kathleen Elizabeth. An investigation of small sample properties of Zahl's estimates of a general Markov process model for follow-up studies. (Greenberg)

Barizi Battiste, Edward Louis
Caballero-Armas, Manual Wilfredo
Fowlkes, Edward Bynum II
Gomez-Sandoval, Victor Rene
Hartwell, Tyler David
Khan, Chaudri M. A.
Purakam, Niyom
Roberts, Edna Nieves
Sastroamidjojo, Jon Sudiono
Toro-Vizcarrondo, Carlos


Kendell, Peter James. Estimation of the mean life of the exponential distribution from grouped data when the sample is censored - with application to life-testing. (Anderson)

Portman, Ruth Melba. Estimation of time, age, and cohort effects. (Lucas)

Searls, Donald Turner. On the "large" observation problem. (Finkner)

Yniguez, Amador D'Bayan. Some estimation problems of a nonlinear supply model implied by a minimax decision rule. (Monroe)

Adkins, George William
Assakul, Kwanchai
Bhattacharyya, Helen Tang
Bogyo, Thomas Peter
Everett, Marvin McHenry Jr.
Onoro-Cerra, Pedro Raul
Supranto, Johannes
Swanson, Merrill Reinhold
Verbeck, Arthur Ralph
White, James Ray
Woo, Warren Kuo-Liang


Bush, Norman. Estimating variance components in a multi-way classification. (Anderson)

Foradori, George Thomas. Some non-response sampling theory for two stage designs. (Finkner)

Guzman, Miguel Angel. Study and application of a non-linear model for the nutritional evaluation of proteins. (Monroe)

Hurst, David Charles. Modification of response surface techniques for biological use. (Hader)

Mallios, William Steve. Some aspects of linear regression systems. (Steel)

Patel, Ramjibhai Madhavbhai. Selection among factorially classified variables. (Cockerham)

Prairie, Richard Roland. Optimal designs to estimate variance components and to reduce product variability for nested classifications. (Anderson)

Taeuber, Richard Conrad. On sampling with replacement: an axiomatic approach. (Koop)

Canh, Truong Quang
Johnston, Bruce Owen
Mazuy, Cordelia Kay Knight
Samad, Abdus

Bishir, John William. Two problems in the theory of stochastic branching processes. (Smith)

Cooper, Dale Edward. Available soil moisture as a stochastic process. (Mason)

Konsler, Thomas Rhinehard. A quantitative analysis of the growth and regrowth of a forage crop. (Lucas)

Lehman, Eugene H. Jr.. Estimation of the scale parameter in the Weibull distribution using samples censored by time and by number of failures. (Anderson)

Williams, James Stanley. An evaluation of the worth of some selection indices. (Roy)

Zaki, Ramzxy Mohamed. Applications of linear programming techniques to some problems of production planning over time. (Bhattacharyya)

Ashar, Vijaysinh Govindji
Bush, Seymour
Khosla, Triloke
Portman, Ruth Melba
Vaivanijkul, Narasri


Gaylor, David William. The construction and evaluation of some designs for the estimation of parameters in random models. (Anderson)

Grizzle, James Ennis. Application of the logistic model to analyzing catagorical data. (Lucas)

Hafley, William Leroy. Some comparisons of sensitivities for two methods of measurement. (Monroe)

Webster, John Thomas. A decision procedure for the inclusion of an independent variable in a linear estimator. (Grandage)

Goff, Merritt Milford
Kripalani, Gangaram Kotumal
Rowe, Kenneth Eugene
Zikry, Abdel-Khalek Mahmoud