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Kent, Jacqueline Edwina. An efficient procedure for selecting among five reliability models. (Quesenberry)

Rincon-Gallardo, Santiago. Testing multivariate normality using conditional probability integral transformations. (Quesenberry)

Souza, Geraldo de Silva E.. Statistical inference in nonlinear models: A pseudo likelihood approach. (Gallant)

Aamir, Abbas Ali
Agreda, Carla Leonard
Al-Athari, Faris Muslim Mahdi
Beder, Sandra Eileen
Corral, Carlos
Goksel, Huseyin Avni
Hester, Robert Allen
Igue, Toshio
Lee, Young Ha
Nealon, John Patrick
Pistole, David Benton
Thiemsen, Carole Anne
Wilson, George Campbell, Jr.


Abd Rahman, Mohd. Nawi Bin. Maximum likelihood estimation in normal models whose error variances are some functions of their means. (Gerig)

Lee, Chong Soon. Uniformity studies with soybeans Glycine max (L.) Merr. at the NCSU Phytotron. (Rawlings)

McFarland, Blanche Louise. A mathematical model of normal granulocyte kinetics. (van der Vaart)

Sriburi, Songsiri. Properties of variance component estimators obtained by restricted maximum likelihood and by MINQUE. (Giesbrecht)

Tan, Rudy Ho. Time series analysis of micrometeorological measurements. (Giesbrecht)

Cornelius, Wayne Leslie
Grant, Sue Evelyn
Killan, Robert Bart
Kuo, Chang-Kuo
Lazarus, Gary
Lewis, Stephen McFaddin
Morgan, Ibrahim Mohamed
Said, Said Elmahdy
Vance, Randolph Norwood


Collins, Keith James. An economic analysis of export competition in the world coarse grain market: A short run constant elasticity of substitution approach. (Johnson)

Miller, Frederick John. A mathematical model of transport and removal of ozone in mammalian lungs. (Monroe)

Shiffer, Irwin Jack. A mathematical model of addiction dynamics. (Lucas)

Yuan, Chen Hsuan. A least squares approach to quadratic unbiased estimation of variance components in general mixed model. (Rawlings)

Zarate, Guillermo Pedro. Directionally minimax mean square error estimation in linear models. (Gerig)

Black, Allen Lee
Blue, Mary Roberta
Czochor, Ronald John
Dix, Lynn Palmer
Hammond, Suzanne
Inoue, Hiroshi
Lifson, Dale Paul
Likidecharote, Premjai
Lim, Koon Hup
Mawby, LuAnne McGhaha
Mills, Carl Alexander
Pradhan, Nirmal Man
Rambe, Abdurrauf
Simmons, Joseph Bingman
Talumassawatdi, Chandhana


Derrick, Frederick William. The work decision of college students. (Ihnen)

Drummond, Douglas James. The cuts procedure for regression based solely on the signs of the residuals. (Quade)

Kirk, Herbert Julien. The application of trend analysis of agriculture field trials. (Haynes)

Kinoshita, Katsuyashi
Kohlstaedt, Anna Thoburn
Martinez, Ricardo
Rincon, Carmen Elena
Serrano, Alfredo


Balet-Lawrence, Sonia. Estimation of the parameters in an implicit model by minimizing the sum of absolute values of order p. (Bhattacharyya)

Christensen, Howard Blair. A treatment vs control aligned rank procedure in a two-way layout. (Bhattacharyya)

Da Silva, Joao Gilberto. The analysis of cross-sectional time series data. (Gallant)

Lyons, Nancy Irene. A test for nonlinearity in the general multiple regression model based upon squared differences between pairs of residuals. (Proctor)

Miller, Forest Leonard. Statistics for testing uniformity on the unit interval. (Quesenberry)

Park, Sung Hyun. Experimental designs for estimating the slope of second order polynomial response surfaces. (Hader)

Ranney, Gipsie Bush. The application of a confidentiality transformation to observations from a simple linear regression model. (Grandage)

Small, Robert Daniel. Some difference and differential equations used in biology and estimation of the parameters of the differential equation. (van der Vaart)

Starbuck, Robert Richard. Optimal tests for separable families of hypotheses. (Quesenberry)

Chae, Young Moon
Hauser, Janet Lee
Holecek, Hillary Florence
Langley, Gerald James
Lewchalermwongs, Piyamarn
Kent, Jacqueline Edwina
Paredes, Hector Segundo
Rapp, Vivien Shawn
Ray, Ada
Robinson, Rhonda Verlinda
Sriburi, Songsiri
Suggs, Jack Caviness
Techamatawon, Siripenn


Bayne, Charles Kenneth. Protecting main effect models against two-factor interaction bias in fractions of 2 factorial designs. (Manson)

Chapman, David DeVaney. An extension and investigation of the properties of the ridge estimator. (Hafley)

Chromy, James Raymond. Pairwise probabilities in probability non-replacement sampling. (Proctor)

Evans, James William. Computer generated d-optimal, v-optimal and trace optimal minimum bias experimental designs. (Manson)

Louton, Thomas Kenneth. A mathematical study of non-communitative probability theory. (Fulp)

Watson, William Franklin. Estimation on restricted parameter spaces. (Swindel)

Young, Sidney Stanley. Analysis of diallel, triallel, and quadrallel crosses using a general genetic mode. (Cockerham)

Council, Kathryn Adams
Derrick, Frederick William
Ewing, Francine Johnson
Naftel, David Carter
Register, David Thomas
Webster, Erla Jane


Barizi. An assessment and some applications of the empirical Bayes approach to random regression models. (Wallace)

Castillo, Alberto Morales. Drawing an optimal tree from a distance matrix. (Goodman)

Chao, George Chi. Production and workforce planning under concave costs. (Nuttle)

Koong, Ling Jung. A mathematical model for the joint metabolism of nitrogen and energy. (Lucas)

Lillard, Lee Anderson. An explicit solution to the human capital life cycle of earnings model and its application to earnings distributions. (Wallace)

Smeach, Stephen Charles. Comparison of stochastic and deterministic models for the kinetic behavior of certain structured enzyme systems. (Gold)

Spann, Robert Michael. The supply of natural resources: The case of oil and natural gas. (Erickson)

Biggs, Sandra Lynn
Brannin, Patricia Ann
Fisher, Alan Charles
Mather, Vijay Chand
Noble, William Robert
Palhares, Eliana Heiser
Verheoff, Joke Joan
Weber, Bonnie Jilene Hoggan


Bell, Walter Edward. A method of estimating the coefficients in differential equations from time-discrete observations. (van der Vaart)

Brook, Robert John. On the use of a minimax regret function to set significance points in prior tests of estimation. (Wallace)

Brown, John Edward. A study of the economic variables affecting the valuation of a human life in legal decisions. (Wallace)

Cummings, Walter Bradley. Variance component testing in unbalanced nested classifications. (Bhattacharyya)

Curran, Thomas Cooke. Stochastic models of oxygen transport in respiring tissues. (Gold)

Falter, Kenneth Henry. A mathematical model for the energy and protein metabolism of homeotherms. (Lucas)

Goodnight, James Howard. Quadratic unbiased estimation of variance components in linear models with an emphasis on the one-way classification. (Monroe)

Harbo, Samuel James. Modeling forest succession. (Hayne)

Kasile, Joseph David. Optimization of cluster sampling through empirical investigation of computer simulated forests. (Monroe)

Servy, Elsa Clothilde. Univariate, multivariate and incomplete multivariate non-parametric mixed models in the analysis of incomplete and/or non-orthogonal two-way layout experiments. (Grandage)

Da Silva, Joao Gilberto
Donaghy, Joe
Gandhi, Surangi Chandrakant
Guerard, Claude
Johnson, William Davis
Lyons, Nancy Irene
Piper, Lanny Lee
Roper, Margaret Trigg


Barnwell, George Morgan. A mathematical model of the effects of spatio-temporal patterns of dendritic input potentials on neuronal somatic membrane potentials. (Cerimele)

Burrows, Peter Michael. Consequences of selection in finite populations. (Cockerham)

Cote, Robert Andre. Minimum bias approximation of a general regression model with an application to rational models. (Hader)

Faber, Joop Adriann Jacob. Precision of sampling by dots for proportions of land use classes. (Hafley)

Gallucci, Vincent Frank. Some mathematical aspects of certain wide-sense stationary processes relevant to biology. (van der Vaart)

Haley, William Jess. Human capital accumulation over the life cycle. (Wallace)

Harrington, Dermot. A comparison of several procedures for the analysis of the nested regression model. (Warren)

Hartwell, Tyler David. Estimating variance components for two-way disproportionate data by the method of unweighted means. (Gaylor)

Korts, David Cornelius. Estimators based on a closeness criterion over a restricted parameter space for the general linear model of full rank. (Quade)

Mason, Robert Edward. Non-linear estimation by parabolic approximation. (Grandage)

Moore, George William. A mathematical model for the construction of cladograms. (van der Vaart)

Neeley, Douglas Lee Roy. Disequilibria and genotypic variance in a recurrent truncation selection system for an additive genetic model. (Rawlings)

O'Reilly, Federico Jorge. On goodness-of-fit tests based on Rao-Blackwell distribution function estimators. (Quesenberry)

Ordoukhani, Nasser. A stochastic model for plant spacing. (Nelson)

Otto, Gordon Henry. Toward an endogenous log theory in capital investment behavior. (Wallace)

Paez, Alcala Gilberto. Some contributions to soil-fertilizer response modeling. (Nelson)

Paku, George Ankutse. Minimum bias estimation in the mixture problem. (Manson)

Balet, Sonia
Clemmer, Thomas Anderson
Dalhouse, Anne Fakler
Dupuis, Francois Arthur
Evans, James William
Fast, Jonathan Charles
Sheth, Maya Manubhai
Turner, Aldon Allen
Wigton, William Holmes


Ashar, Vijaysinh Govindji. On the use of preliminary tests in regression analysis. (Wallace)

Davis, Clearence Edward. Some measures of skewness. (Quade)

Dionne, Albert. On small sample properties of distribution and density function estimators. (Quesenberry)

Gregory, Walton Carlyle II. Design procedures and use of prior information in the estimation of parameters of a non-linear model. (Anderson)

Holland, Burt S.. On the estimation of regression coefficients with a coordinate-wise mean square error criterion of goodness. (Wallace)

Johnson, Mark Allyn. On the Kiefer-Wolfowitz process and some of its modifications. (Grizzle)

Lee, Eun Sul. Aspects of institutional mobility patterns of chemists in higher education. (Hamilton)

Mendez-Ramirez, Ignacio. Study of uniformity field trials and six proposals as alternatives to blocking for the design and analysis of field experiments. (Warren)

Moeschberger, Melvin Lee. A parametric approach to life-testing and the theory of competing risks. (David)

Preston, Lester Ware Jr.. Some simultaneous inference median tests. (Steel)

Reinfurt, Donald William. [Title unknown]. (Koch)

Seheult, Allan Henry. On unbiased estimation of density functions. (Quesenberry)

Sherdon, Albert William. Sampling directed graphs. (Proctor)

Suwattee, Prachoom. Some estimators, variances and variance estimators for point-cluster sampling of digraphs. (Proctor)

Weber, Donald Chester. A stochastic model for automobile accident experience. (Lucas)

Charoenying, Puntipa
Cote, Robert
Guttman, Nathaniel Bertram
Harper, James David
Holder, Sandra Faye
Lii, Shiu Tao
Lillard, Lee Anderson III
Mayne, Robert Simpson
McCormick, Duncan Calvin
Peters, William Lee
Porter, Priscilla Conyers
Routhier, Jean-Guy
Villasmil, Jose Joaquin
Warren, John
Zanelli, Marta Lydia
Zschege, Christa Agnes