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Chang, Ming-Chun. Testing of overdifference. (Dickey)

Cook, John R.. Estimators for the errors-in-variables problem in the ordered categorical regression model. (Stefanski)

Gumpertz, Marcia L.. Simple estimators for the linear random coefficient regression model and the nonlinear model with variance components. (Pantula, Rawlings)

Liddle, Roger Frank. Stochastic approximation for optimization of integrals. (Monahan)

Marr, Raymond Lloyd. A normalized uniform test of serial correlation of regression model disturbances. (Quesenberry)

Martinez, Stephen W.. The optimum dynamic hedging positions for grain producers before harvest: a case study. (Bloomfield)

Wolfinger, Russell D.. Rates of convergence and asymptotic normality in semi-nonparametric regression. (Gallant)

Zhu, Jun. Estimation of genetic variance components in the general mixed model. (Weir)

Bynum, Richard
Cone, Robert S.
Graham, Debra Louise
Mojzak, Gregory E.
Orszak, Kimberly B.
Pastrana-Zuniga, Jose F.
Raymond, Ralph H.
Rodenberg, Cynthia A.
Shack, Stephen J.


Hernandez-Santiago, Jaime Luis. Testing for genetic disequilibria. (Weir)

Holland, David Marshall. Evaluation of a bounded frequency distribution generated by a transformed logistic variable. (Gerig Hafley)

Kianifard, Farid. Using recursive residuals calculated on adaptively ordered observations to identify outliers in linear regression. (Swallow)

Prasetyo, Hardi. Effects of selection and crossbreeding on growth and fat deposition in mice. (Cockerham)

Schaalje, Gary Bruce. Models for stage structured insect populations affected by pesticides with applications to pesticide efficacy trials. (van der Vaart)

Carswell, Kim
Kim, Jin-Hyo
Rahn, Kristin
Shin, Dongwan
Somerville, Matthew C.
Tan, Pei-Yi N.


Chen, Chao-Lung. Estimation problems in group testing. (Swallow)

Chu, Ping-Chu. Modeling water balance in the Mexican bean beetle (epilachna varivestis mulsant). (Stinner)

Dassel, Karen Ann. Experimental design for the Weibull function as a dose-response model. (Rawlings)

Eastwood, Brian. Confidence interval construction in semi-nonparametric regression estimation. (Gallant)

Eggett, Dennis Lee. A comparative evaluation of some statistics for determining the limits of applicability of a linear model. (Swallow)

Jiang, Changjian. Estimation of F-statistics in subdivided populations. (Cockerham)

Lim, June Taeg. A dynamic growth model of vegetative soya bean plant under variation of root temperature and nitrogen concentration in nutrient solution. (Gold)

Barrett, Joan Fiore
Coston, Yvonne M.
Kawahata, Shigeo
Lesser, Virginia M.
Maine, Mary D.
McDonald, Alexander
Nations, Mary K.
Younan, Fouad
Yu, Yanan


Dodds, Kenneth Grant. Resampling methods in genetics and the effects of family structure in genetic data. (Weir)

Ewing, Stephen Cecil. Application of the Lotka-Volterra dynamical equations to natural populations. (Ridgeway)

Killam, Robert Bart. The distribution of the maximum of a nonstationary dependent normal sequence with applications to SO2 air pollution regulations. (Bhattacharyya)

Mitchell, Jr., Rodney R. [Title unknown] (Dickey)

Petersen, Martin Roy. Closed form estimators and small sample size mean and variance approximations for simple linear logistic analysis. (Manson)

Butler, Mary Theresa
Cho, Jae Ho
Koula, Joseph
Makore, Joshuah
Moore, Clinton
Udevitz, Mark S.
Winterstein, Scott Richard


Alwi, Nong. Peanut groups and their symbiotic relationship with Rhizobium strains. (Rawlings)

Clem, Ted Roy. On the statistical-mechanical representation of a quasistatic process. (Ridgeway)

Lee, Kay O.. Comparison of some successive occasions sampling schemes from spatially correlated processes. (Bhattacharyya)

McCutchan, Barbara Gale. Design efficiencies with planned and unplanned unbalance for the estimation of heritability in forestry. (Giesbrecht)

Sen, David Lawrence. Robustness of single unit root test statistics in the presence of multiple unit roots. (Dickey)

Smith, Luther. The effects of acid deposition on freshwater algae and cyanobacteria: a simulation analysis for Falls Lake, N.C., using the CE-QUAL-R1 model. (Wann)

Chang, Ming-Chun
Chu, Cheng Robert
Cooper, David C.
Eastwood, Brian
Filloon, Thomas
Haynes, Kathleen
Kendall, William Louis
Kianifard, Farid
Mungai, Peter
Nelson, Karen
O'Brien, Timothy
Pafford, Bradley
Stone, Janice
Wan Yeun Shing, Mee Lee
Wang, Ruey-Hua


Erdem, Ismail. Three phase sampling for misclassified binary data. (Proctor)

Hester, Robert Allen. Uniform residuals and NU residuals tests for heteroscedasticity. (Quesenberry)

Richardson, Gary. Consistent estimators in nonlinear regression for a noncompact parameter space. (Bhattacharyya)

Tamura, Roy Noriki. Minimum Hellinger distance estimation for multivariate location and scatter. (Boos)

Arroyo-Gaytan, Maria
Ballado-Perez, Daniel
Dassel, Karen
Grace, Mary
Mitchell, Rodney
Morris, Richard
Smith, Steven
Weller, Stephen


Chalfant, James Allen. Choosing among flexible functional forms: an application of the generalized Box-Cox and Fourier flexible forms to U.S. agriculture. (Johnson)

Dix, Lynn Palmer. Minimum norm quadratic variance-covariance estimation in a general multivariate linear model with special emphasis on the multivariate one-way random model. (Giesbrecht)

Elbadawi, Ibrahim Ahmed. Semi-nonparametric analysis of consumer demand systems. (Gallant)

Elssamadisy, Elssayed Mousa. The effects of credit constraints in dynamic optimization by consumers. (Bhattacharyya)

Fountis, Nicholaos George. Testing for unit roots in multivariate autoregressions. (Dickey)

Smith, Marjolein van der Vaart. Stochastic differential equations from a modeling point of view with special emphasis on biological applications. (Gold)

Asogu, Julius Odirichukwu
Brant, Margaret R.
Cassady, Pamela K.
Coutros, George P.
Farabee, Joyce E.
Fulenwider, Donna Overman
Gallop, Mark A.
Knowlton, Gail Meredith
Lee, Kay O.
Nusser, Sarah Margaret
Otto, Mark Christopher
Vetter, Ingrid B.
Wilson, Timothy H.
Wisniewski, Michael E.
Yuan, Tswei-Fen Connie


Aguirre-Torres, Victor Manuel-Armando. Testing non-nested multivariate nonlinear regression models with and without specification of the error distribution. (Gallant)

Aunuddin. A comparison of various techniques for controlling two-dimensional systematic variation in agricultural field experiments. (Nelson)

Cantrell, Rayford S.. Utilization, income and health: an economic analysis of U.S. urban-rural mortality rates. (Schrimper)

Czochor, Ronald John. A theoretical analysis of plant host-pathogen interactions in a gene-for-gene system. (van der Vaart)

Dohse, Lothar A.. A discrete model simulating the interfield movement of a multihost phytophagous beetle. (van der Vaart)

Hsu, Yea-Tsai Bill. The relative efficiency of the approximate F-tests frequently encountered in unbalanced designs. (Monroe)

Lieth, Heinrich J.. Light interception, growth dynamics and dry matter partitioning in a phytotron-grown snap bean (phaseolus vulgaris L.) crop: a modeling analysis with reference to air pollution effects. (van der Vaart)

Lopez-Alvarez, Ma. Teresa Concepcion. Synthetic estimation when only partial symptomatic information is available. (Gerig)

Said, Said Elmahdy. Testing for unit roots in autoregressive moving average models. (Dickey)

Vivaldi, Lucio Jose. Models and designs for three-treatment, two-period crossover studies. (Gerig)

Briggs, Gweneth Rawlings
Clam, Ted Roy
Hamill, David N.
Immermann, Frederick W.
Kellogg, Robert Laverne
Loh, Yeang-Yau
Norris, James Lawrence III
Sen, David Lawrence
Wyatt, Stephen Allen


Brocklebank, John Clare. Estimating variance components using alternative MINQE's in selected unbalanced designs. (Giesbrecht)

Landois, Luis Leon. Generalized least squares analysis of the split-plot model using estimated variance-covariance matrix. (Giesbrecht)

Lifson, Dale Paul. Development and application of the quantile regression estimation (QRE) procedure. (Bhattacharyya)

Martinez, Orlando Jose. Multivariate analysis of maize F2 populations to measure racial differentiation. (Timothy)

Paredes, Hector Segundo. A per-plant covariance analysis approach in the study of the effects of missing plants on adjacent plants in field experiments. (Nelson)

Reynolds, John. Genetic distance and coancestry. (Cockerham)

Siswadi. Selecting among Weibull, lognormal, and gamma distributions for complete and censored samples. (Quesenberry)

Tang, Dershuen Allen. Verbal and nonverbal aspects of machine perception and knowledge representations in artificial intelligence. (Gold)

Warren, John. Weighted ridge regression. (Giesbrecht)

Boonsukjai, Somchit
Chaves, Inez Costa
Jones, Shelton Maurice
Kendall, Allen Clement Jr.
Li, Han-Hsing
Sweetland, Scott Schroeder
Watkins, Sharon Ann


Burguete, Jose Francisco. Asymptotic theory of instrumental variables in nonlinear regression. (Gallant)

Corral, Ada Ray. Repeatability of spatial configurations defined by interaction matrices. (Nelson)

Eilbert, James Lawrence. A hierarchical model of visual perception. (Gold)

Holtzman, Golde Ivan. Modeling and statistical analysis of a laboratory experiment to measure cannibalism in heliothis virescens larvae. (van der Vaart)

Mawby, William David. The development of an upper echelon submodel for the southern pine beetle hierarchy. (Gold)

Mohammed, Ali Abulgasim. The analysis of autonormal models and their correlation structure as applied to uniformity data. (Rawlings)

Mombiela-Muruzabal, Francisco Antonio. Evaluation of current fertilizer recommendation procedures using simulated corn P response data. (Nelson)

Aguirre-Torres, Victor Manuel-Armando
Allen, Bruce Cooper
Alwi, Nong
Corral Ada Ray
Desoky, Ahmed Hassan
Fountis, Nicholaos George
Gastardo, Ma. Teresa Canate
Gordon, Suzanne Saunders
Hooks, William Clayton
Jefferies, Brenda Gash
Lopez-Alvarez, Ma. Teresa Concepcion
Modjeska, Janet Shy
Rovira, Elizabeth Regina Zell
Tazura, Roy Noriki
Wheeless, Sara Ellen Cabe