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Baik, Jungmin. Optimization of distance- based criteria for space-filling design. (Monahan, Nychka)

Bang, Heejung. Estimating medical costs with censored data. (Tsiatis)

Blankenship, Erin Elyse. Statistical methods for constructing ozone exposure metrics. (Stefanski)

Chao, Hui-Ping. Modeling nonlinearity in US livestock cycles. (Holt, Pantula)

Chen, Di. Semiparametric estimation with empirical likelihood and estimating equations for censored data. (Lu)

Gheyas, Ferdous. Multicollinearity in mixture experiments. (Swallow)

Green, Cynthia Lea. Information lost or gained: A new parametric estimation method for failure time data. (Boos, Lu)

Hardy, Sarah Wilson. Smoothing spline methods for response surfaces: Smoothing test and model selection. (Nychka)

Jeon, Gyeongbae. Latent variable fit to interlaboratory studies. (Proctor, Stefanski)

Keys, Deborah Ann. A biologically based model of phthalate ester tissue disposition in rats: Development and application to risk assessment for human male reproductive toxicity. (Kepler)

Kopit, Justin S. More powerful exact tests from confidence set p values and interim analyses when the data are subject to delay. (Berger, Tsiatis)

Monks, Stephanie Ann. Family-based methods which rely on association for the mapping of genes in human populations. (Weir, Kaplan)

Oberg, Ann Laura. Estimating data transformations in mixed effects models. (Davidian)

Szumiloski, John Leonard. A family of response surface models for assessing drug interaction utilizing an interaction-standardizing transformation. (Davidian)

Tourkodimitris, Stavros. Asymptotics of estimators from estimating equations for non-standard bivariate normal censored data. (Lu)

Yang, Li. Efficiency study of estimators for treatment effects in a pretest- posttest trial with missing data. (Tsiatis)

Yang, Qing. Dimension reduction of large data with template modeling. (Nychka)

Zaykin, Dmitri Vitalievich. Statistical analysis of genetic associations. (Thorne, Weir)

Zhou, Weixin. Structured wavelet antenna signal modeling and random scale generalized linear model (Lu, Ghosh)

Adelsberg, Daniel Stephen
Agarwal, Prasheen Kumar
Baker, Tonya Michelle
Buell, Hope-Emilie Wilcox
Calingaert, Brian
Chen, Fang
Chen, Junliang
Chen, Shuquan
Dawson, Theodore Andrew
Ding, Jianfeng
Dougherty, Daniel Patrick
Frechtel, Peter Allyn
Giacoletti, Katherine Davis
Gillespie, Lisa Mary
Johnson, Elizabeth Ann
Kancler, Cynthia Ann
Li, Qingchao
Long, Haiyan
Mitchell, Matthew William
Morgan, Joseph Allen
Price, Owen Thomas
Roeder, Mindy Jean
Sathe, Neeraja Shrikrishna
Umbach, Amy Therese
Zhang, Yi
Zhou, Jihao


Chun, Heuiju. Probabilistic and statistical modeling for geometric structure of nonwoven fabrics. (Suh, Berger)

Dixit, Paritosh. Quality of service modeling for wide area network based systems. (Vouk, Pantula)

Easterling, Michael Robert. The integral projection model: Theory, analysis and application. (Ellner)

Evans, Barry Allen. Estimation and hypothesis testing in nonstationary time series using frequency domain methods. (Dickey)

Jonkman, Jeffrey Nicholas. Estimation of percentiles using group testing when the underlying response variable is continuous. (Swallow)

Lee, Taiyeong. Unit root tests in nonstationary time series. (Dickey)

Lung, Te-Hsin. Approximations for skewed probability densities based on Laguerre series and biological applications. (C. Smith)

Sidik, Kurex. Exact unconditional tests for discrete data. (Berger)

Wu, Chi-Tsung. Generalized estimating equations for spatially correlated Data. (Gumpertz, Boos)

Zhai, Jun. Multiresolution analysis of random processes with application on numerical model evaluation. (Nychka)

Agnelli, Robert Peter
Cui, Zhanglin
DeVault, Craig David
Doi, Jimmy Akira
Dudley, Tara Knowles
Edwards, Susan Rodgers
Feng, Lei
Hassler, Wendy Ann
He, Xiaofeng
Hilmer, Christiana Ruefli
Hudson-Curtis, Buffy Lynne
Jeffreys, Amy Shearin
Li, Ling
Metcalfe, Mark Robert
Mull, Shelley Page
Novick, Steven Jon
Pitts, Rhonda
Schliekelman, Paul David
Schwab, Matthew Robert
Shannon Gauvin, Jennifer Lynn
Skrylov, Andrew Paul
Smith, Teri Radmer
Solakoglu, Mehmet Nihat
Stewart, Darren Edward
Sun, Ye
Zeng, Wen


Alpizar-Jara, Russell. Assessing assumption violations in line transext sampling. (Pollock)

Bay, Jeffrey MacKenzie. Adjusting data for measurement error. (Stefanski)

Coffman, Cynthia Jan. The effects of corridor-linked patches on metapopulation dynamics: A field experiment with Microtus pennsylvanicus. (Pollock)

Cummins, David Jesse. Confidence bands for nonparametric curve estimates. (Nychka)

Gardner, Martha Maples. Equipment fault detection using spatial signatures. (Lu)

Hahn, William Paul. Estimating the prevalence of a spatially dependent characteristic. (Hughes-Oliver, Swallow)

Haines, Dawn Elizabeth. Estimating population parameters using multiple frame and capture-recapture methodology. (Pollock)

Jayawickrama, Judith Nilmini. Adjustment for carryover in crossover design: use of weighted estimation and hypothesis testing as an alternative to classical two-stage procedures. (Swallow)

Kim, Dongwoo. Fractional factorial plans in the 4N system based on pseudo-factors. (Giesbrecht)

Kim, Seongyeon. Extended least squares estimator using Monte Carlo method in nonlinear random coefficient models. (Pantula)

Lovern, Mark Ronald. Determination and modelling of benzene metabolism by mouse, rat and human microsomes. (Kepler, Schlosser)

Martin, Eden Rowe. Extensions of the transmission/disequilibrium test for identifying human disease genes. (Weir)

Peck, Steven Lee. Spatial aspects of the evolution of pesticide resistance: Models and recommendations. (Ellner, Gould)

Sen, Amit. New tests of structural stability and applications to consumption based asset pricing models. (Hall, Pantula)

Sun, Hongguang. Testing for trends and causality in time series data. (Pantula)

Arneson, Carl Paul
Bailey, Larissa Lynn
Cai, Jian Ming
Campbell, Larry Norman
Chao, Hui-ping
Fish, Susan Meredith
Frey, Timothy Michael
Harrington, Hugh Lacy
House, John Steven
Jones, Nicole Hill
Kleiss, Kristen Michelle
Kryscio, Kevin Paul
Ling, Yunzhi
Martell, Leah
Melia, Mary Frances
Nielsen, Dahlia Michelle
Orelien, Jean G.
Plungpongpun, Kusaya
Shang, Zhe
Tao, Wenli
Vlasich, Joanna Rae
Vorburger, Lorraine Marie
Wells, Brian Todd
Wong, Sek Kwong
Yang, Liqiang
Zeller, Margaret Ruth
Zhu, Lei


Barrows, Cathleen Flake. The effect of measurement error on two-sample tests. (Stefanski)

Devanarayan, Viswanath. Simulation extrapolation methods for heteroscedastic measurement error models with replicate measurements. (Stefanski)

Jessee (Morgan), Jane Elizabeth. Methods for testing variance parameters equal to zero in a random coefficient regression model. (Pantula, Gumpertz)

Li, Yi-Ju. Characterizing the structure of genetic population. (Weir)

Royle, Jeffrey Andrew. Statistical inference for heterogeneous random fields. (Nychka)

Saikali, Khalil Georges. Uniformly more powerful tests for linear inequalities. (Berger)

Su, Cheng. Random coefficient models for degradation and spatially correlated count data. (Hughes-Oliver, Lu)

Zhang, Jie. Inference for correlated categorical data and analysis of interaction between treatments and patient subsets.(Boos)

Arichea, Michael John Mandac
Blankenship, Erin Elyse
Brooks, Elizabeth Nicole
Burtch, Diane Alice
De Juan, Joseph Pe
Dockery, James Daniel
Godfrey, Nikki Kristeen
Graham, Jolee Marie
Jayawickrama, Keith Jehan
Joe, Mi-jeom
Kendrick, Douglas Elwin
Latour, Robert James
Mahoney, Bridget Gillian
Monks, Stephanie Brumfield
Nasution, Marlina Dumasari
Norman, Joseph Edward, Jr.
Ogilvie, Christopher Ian
Patten, Ronald Wayne, Jr.
Peak, Shannon Darlene
Shoemaker, Jennifer S.
Simpson, Carol Joy
Strickland, Helen Naylor
Szumiloski, John Leonard
Yang, Li
Yow, Eric Stuart
Yu, Wenlian


Akdi, Yilmaz. Periodogram analysis for unit roots. (Dickey)

Cohn, Richard Daniel. Between-group comparisons of real and complex principal components for serially correlated observations, with environmental applications. (Monahan)

Elsheimer, David Bruce. Development and adaptations of data-driven nonparametric goodness-of-fit tests for a regression function. (Nychka)

Graham, Jonathan Mills. Markov chain Monte Carlo inference procedures for discrete spatial lattice models. (Bhattacharyya, Gumpertz)

Kao, Chen-Hung. Statistical methods for locating positions and analyzing epistasis of multiple quantitative trait genes using molecular marker information. (Zeng)

Lau, Lap-Cheung. Generalized score tests in linear models. (Boos)

Lee, Jae-Yeong. Faster simulated annealing techniques for stochastic optimazation problems, with application to queueing network simulation. (Wilson, Monahan)

Mesenbrink, Peter Grant. Model and transformation selection in fractionated experiments with complex aliasing. (Lu)

Unal, Cemal. Reliability improvement with mean and variance modeling for censored data from industrial experiments. (Lu)

Wakeford, Charles William. The use of composite sampling in compliance testing when the underlying probability distribution is continuous. (Swallow)

Al-Awad, Mouawiya
Biswas, Sumita
Caddle, Malinda Piland
Deal, Linda Sue
Decker, James Christian, Jr.
Dunning, Meredith Carson
Evans, Barry Allen
Gaines, Monica Michelle
Gheyas, Ferdous
Gonzalez, Karen Ann
Hahn, William Paul
Hitczenko, Malgorzata Wojcicka
Jaramillo, Renee Ramona
Lacke, Christopher Jay
Martin, Kevin Owen
Sheffield, Charles Frederick
Vines, Paulette
Ward, Dianna LeNore
Williams, Pamela Faye
Wu, Mei
Zhai, Jun


An, Shu. Regression model with fractional ARIMA process errors. (Bloomfield, Pantula)

Belanger, Bruce Albert. Calibration inference in nonlinear heteroscedastic models with application to bioassay. (Davidian)

Gould, William Robert IV. New developments in catch-effort estimation of important demographic population parameters. (Pollock)

Huang, Ju-Chin. New discrete choice methods for valuing environmental amenities: theory and evaluation. (V. Smith, Nychka)

Hess, George Richard. Disease in metapopulation models: Implications for conservation. (Ellner)

Park, Heungsun. Relative error and generalized prediction rules. (Stefanski)

Winner, Lawrence Herman. Testing for fixed factor effects in unbalanced mixed linear models. (Giesbrecht)

Aldworth, Walter Jeremy Koch
Bian, Qiqiang
Cheng, Qin-He
Dickinson, Julie Ann
Gan, Nianci
George, Barbara Jane
Green, Cynthia Lea
Hoff, Jennifer Anne
Li, Wen-Ching
Li, Yi-Ju
Lu, Chin-Shih
Mauney, Meredith Addison
McIntyre, Lauren Michaela
Monaco, David Gordon
Olson, Peggy JoAnn
Saikali, Khalil Georges
Su, Cheng
Traxler, Lynn Stacey Konecne
Wigley, Susan E.
Zhang, Jie


Arumugham, Thangam. Curvature and experimental design for the weibull model. (Rawlings)

Buzas, Jeffrey Sandor. Instrumental variable estimation in generalized linear measurement error models. (Stefanski)

Cornelius, Wayne Leslie. An avian nest survival modeling scheme and comparisons of nest survival probability estimation methods. (Pollock, van der Vaart)

Doerge, Rebecca Whitbeck. Statistical methods for locating quantitative trait loci with molecular markers. (Weir)

Etchison (Balan), Tonya Lynn. Model identification and selection techniques for stationary ARMA(p1,q1)xARMA(p2,q2) processes. (Brownie, Pantula)

Fleissig, Adrian Roy. Durability and non-separability in consumption. (Gallant, Seater)

Hung, Mingchin. Advantages of group testing with stratified or regression data and its robustness in estimation of proportions. (Swallow)

Hurtado-Rodriguez, Gerardo Ignacio. Detection of influential observations in linear mixed models. (Gerig)

Liu, Huimei. Uniformly more powerful tests of hypotheses determined by linear inequalities for a bivariate normal mean. (Berger)

Maiste, Paul Juri. Comparison of statistical tests for independence at genetic loci with many alleles. (Weir)

McSorley, Ellen Overton. Maximum likelihood estimation with data from step-strett accelerated life tests. (Lu, Monahan)

Muse, Spencer Vance. Testing for equality of nucleotide substitution rates. (MacKay, Weir)

O'Brien, Timothy Eugene. Design strategies for nonlinear regression models. (Rawlings)

Ramos-Quiroga, Rogelio. Estimation of nonlinear mixed effects and random coefficient models. (Pantula)

Teng, Hwa-Jen. Environmental determinants of intra- and interspecific competition in the container-breeding mosquitoes Aedes albopictus and Aedes triseriatus (diptera: culicidae). (Apperson, Brownie)

Akdi, Yilmaz
Canty, Mary Lee
Chang, Chae-Yong
Chang, Chao-Cheng
Chao, Ling-Chyn
Collins, Andrew Gordon
Dikshit, Paritosh
Godon, Kimberly Fern
Hultquist, Daryl John
Kirkland, Laura Erin
Langfeldt, Scott Alan
Marquis, Margaret Alison
McEver, Mitchell A. (Micki)
Meyer, Kevin Paul
Nauman, Karen Elaine
Ross, Kemp Douglas
Smith, Patrick Winston
Wu, Wei Xiong


Arellano, Consuelo Ugarte. Testing for trend stationarity versus difference stationarity. (Pantula)

Bentley, James Arthur. Quantum chemical investigation of the torsional potential in neutral organic phosphite and phosphate esters. (van der Vaart)

Farias, Graciela Maria Gonzalez. A new unit root test for autoregressive time series. (Dickey)

Gray, Gerry William. Misspecification bias and tests for the number of components in finite mixtures. (Boos, Brownie)

Kendall, William Louis. The robust design in capture-recapture sampling: Modelling approaches and estimation models. (Pollock)

Kwon, Se-Hyug. Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals in group testing. (Swallow)

Navarro, Victor Manuel Fenton. Rates of convergence of hermite expansion density estimators. (Gallant)

Shin, Key-Il. A unit root test for multivariate autoregressive time series. (Dickey)

Sierra-Cavazos, Jorge Homero. Tests of hypothesis defined by linear inequalities for elliptically contoured families. (Berger)

Amrhein, John Francis
Franks, William Vincent
Gutkin, Boris Samuel
Haines, Dawn Elizabeth
Hayes, Duane Scott
Hellkamp, Anne Sidlo
Henry, Ana
Ling, Shih-Hui
Ling, Shih-Wei
Lunney, Linda Barefoot
Martin Christine
Miller, Christopher
Potak, Catherine Evelyn
Royle, Jeffrey Andrew
Sherrill, Elizabeth
Whaley, Wayne


Filloon, Thomas G. Improved curve estimation with smoothing splines through local cross-validation. (Nychka)

Fitz-Simons, Terence Rhette. Fitting a lognormal distribution to air quality data observed with measurement error. (van der Vaart)

Hughes-Oliver, Jacqueline Mindy-Mae. Estimation using group-testing procedures: adaptive iteration. (Swallow)

Khalil, Tarek Mohamed. A study of the doubly geometric processes, stationary cases and non-stationary case. (Bhattacharyya)

Lamb, Ronnie Hartwell. Testing for treatment effects on variance in designed experiments. (Boos, Brownie)

Liu, Chia-yee Jerry. Parameter estimation of continuous-time point processes: serial dependency and neural applications. (Smith)

McCaffrey, Daniel Francis. Estimating Lyapunov exponents with nonparametric regression and convergence rates for feedforward single hidden layer networks. (Gallant)

O'Connell, Michael Anthony. Contingency table models for estimation of the size of a partitioned population. (Pollock)

Wheeless, Sara Cabe. Some inference problems in least absolute values regression. (Bloomfield)

Wisniewski, Michael Edward. Analysis of time series with missing values. (Bhattacharyya)

Burt, Melinda Satterwhite
Chou, Hueychuan Chou
El-Bouzaidi, Rachid Drissi
Finnegan, John Thomas
Hatch, Anne M.
James, Robert Leigh
Jones, John Thomas
Lee, Tae Yoon
Marcucci, Gretchen
Phillips, Patricia Luann
Shaw, Elizabeth Ann
Tseng, Roman


Meier, Kristen Louise. Estimating rate equations using nonparametric methods. (Nychka)

Udevitz, Mark S. Change-in-ratio methods for estimating the size of closed populations. (Pollock)

Yu, Yanan. A Leslie model, threshold function and uncertainty for chemical control of corn earworm. (Gold)

Zhang, Ji. Bootstrap methods for tests about covariance matrices. (Boos, Pantula)

Chang, Chai-Ni
Davies, Richard
Gould, William
Graz, Julia
Haas, Amanda Beth
Jayawickrama, Judith Nilmini
Johnson, Louise Adelle
Kendall, William L.
Martinez(-Dawson), Rose Marie
Starr, Susan Meli