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Anand, Suraj. Novel Statistical Approaches to Assessing the Risk of QT Prolongation and Sample Size Caluculations in 'thorough QT/QTc studies'(Ghosh, Sujit)

Cho, Yoonjin. Comparing Predictive Values of Two Diagnostic Tests (Tsiatis, Anastasios)

Krishna, Arun. Shrinkage-Based Variable Selection Methods for Linear Regression and Mixed-Effects Models (Bondell, Howard)

Schumann, David. Robust Variable Selection (Boos, Dennis)

Wu, Yuefeng. Asymptotic Behavior of Some Bayesian Nonparamentric and Semi-parametric Procedures (Ghoshal, Subhashis)

Zhang, Ying. Testing for Unit Roots in Seasonal Time Series with Long Period (Dickey, David)

Zhao, Sihui. Analysis of Cis-acting Regulatory Motifs Involved in Alternative Splicing (Heber, Steffen)

Chen, Chia-Cheng. Assessing Agreement with Intraclass Correlation Coefficient and Concordance Correlation Coefficient (Barnhart, Huiman)

Gong, Xiaohua. Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in Outbred Half-sib Populations (Zeng, Zhao-Bang)

Miclaus, Kelci. Addressing Sources of Bias in Genetic Association Studies (Wolfinger, Russ)

Ouyang, Haojun. Bayesian Approach for Nonlinear Dynamic System and Genome-Wide Association Study (Ghosh, Sujit)

Shows, Justin. Sparse Estimation and Inference for Censored Median Regression (Lu, Wenbin)

Stanislav, Stephen. Developments and Applications of a Closed Capture-Recapture Robust Design Model to Avian Point Count Data (Pollock, Kenneth)

Cao, Weihua. Improving Efficiency and Robustness of Doubly Robust Estimators in the Presence of Soarsened Data (Davidian, Marie)

DiCasoli, Carl. Bayesian Regression Methods for Crossing Survival Curves (Ghoshal, Subhashis)

Dickson, Samuel. Improving Discovery of Causal Variants in Genetic Association Studies (Gibson, Greg)

Duarte, Christine. A New Method for Genetic Network Reconstruction in Expression QTL Data Sets (Zeng, Zhao-Bang)

Elliott, Laine. Adjustment for Measurement Error (Davidian, Marie)

Hwang, Wook Yeon. Boosting Methods for Variable Selection in High Dimensional Sparse Models (Ghoshal, Subhashis)

Krachey, Elizabeth. Variations on the Accelerated Failure Time Model: Mixture Distributions, Cure Rates, and Different Censoring Scenarios (Ghosh, Sujit)

Miao, Huiping. Model Selection and Estimation in Additive Regression Models (Zhang, Daowen)

Wen, Zhi. Super Population Capture-Recapture Model Augmented with Genetic Data (Pollock, Kenneth)

Avery, Matthew
Cai, Haoming
Guo, Zifang
Hughston, Carrie
Jiang, Liewen
Jin, Qiang
Lash, Alexander
Lin, Junjing
Liu, Bo
Manns, Alison
Meng, Bo
Modlin, Danny
Pang, Lei
Pettit, Margaret
Post, Justin
Suarez, Adam
Veturi, Yogasudha
Vock, David
Wang, Jiangdian
Wang, Jiaxin
Warren, Joshua
Wells, Benjamin
Winters, Malorie
Wang, Dong
Zhuo, Shuqiong


Brinkley, Jason Scott. Generalized Estimators of the Attributable Benefit of an Optimal Treatment Regime. (Anastasios A. Tsiatis.)

Choi, Jungsoon. Multivariate Spatial-Temporal Modeling of Environmental-Health Processes. (Montserrat Fuentes.)

Curtis, Steven McKay. Variable Selection Methods with Applications to Shape Restricted Regression. (Subhashis Ghosal and Sujit K. Ghosh.)

Demirhan, Eren. Variable Selection For Multivariate Smoothing Splines With Correlated Random Errors. (Hao Zhang.)

Griffith, Emily Hohmeister. Catch Curve and Capture Recapture Models: A Bayesian Combined Approach. (Kenneth Hugh Pollock and Sujit K. Ghosh.)

Huang, Lingkang. Variable Selection in Multiclass Support Vector Machine and Applications in Genomic Data Analysis. (Hao Zhang and Zhaobang Zeng.)

Ogorek, Benjamin Alexander. Orthology-Based Multilevel Modeling of Differentially Expressed Mouse and Human Gene Pairs. (Leonard A. Stefanski.)

Saha, Paramita. Robust Inference with Quantile Regression in Stochastic Volatility Models with application to Value at Risk Calculation. (Peter Bloomfield.)

Tang, Lihua. "Smooth" Inference for Clustered Survival Data. (Marie Davidian.)

Zhang, Min. Semiparametric Methods for Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials and Arbitrarily Censored Time-to-event Data. (Anastasios A. Tsiatis and Marie Davidian.)

Bu, Lewei
Burkhart, Anna Katherine
Edwards, Sharon Elizabeth
Fiske, Ian Jeremy
Goeres, Richard James
Kalendra Eric James
Komorowski, Aubrey Meredith
Li, Xin
Liu, Ye
Lovin, Mark Christopher
Mathias, Jamila
Mishra, Kaushal Kishor
Moore, Andrew Scott
Reyes, Eric Michael
Reyes, Jamie
Schulte, Phillip Joel
Shao, Yaming
Starr, Aijing Zhang
Sun, Wei
Wood, Stacey Jean
Wu, Yun
Yan, Song
Yuan, Shuai
Zhang, Bagun


Barker, Clayton. The Orthogonal Interactions Model For Unreplicated Factorial Experiments. (Stefanski)

Boyer, Joseph. Topics Involving the Gamma Distribution: The Normal Coefficient of Variation and Conditional Monte Carlo. (Swallow)

Chiswell, Karen Elizabeth. Model Diagnostics for the Nonlinear Mixed Effects Model with Balanced Longitudinal Data. (John Monahan)

Kim, Seong-Tae. A New Approach to Unit Root Tests in Univariate Time Series Robust to Structural Changes. (Dickey)

Liu, Peng. A Stochastic Volatility Model and Inference for the Term Structure of Interest Rates. (Bloomfield)

Ruan, Chen. Recursive Quantile Estimation With Application to Value at Risk. (Bloomfield)

Gu, Jiezhun Nonparametric and Semiparametric Inference About ROC Curves (Ghosal)

Liu,Shufang Modeling Mean Residual Life Function Using Scale Mixtures (Ghosh)

Ni,Xiao Variable Selection in Partial Linear Models and Semiparametric Mixed Models (Zhang)

Yu,Miao Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Mapping with Longitudinal Traits (Lu)

Liu,Jiajun Domain Enhanced Analysis of Microarray Data Using GO Annotations (Hughes-Oliver)

Yang,Hongmei Variable Selection Procedures for Generalized Linear Mixed Models in Longitudinal Data Analysis (Zhang)

Nail,Amy Quantifying Local Creation and Regional Transport using a Hierarchical Space-Time Model of Ozone as a Function of Observed NOx, a Latent Space-Time VOC Process, Emissions, and Meteorology. (Hughes-Oliver, Monahan)

Charest, Ryan
Elliott, Laine
Eloyan, Ani
Franck, Christopher
Hall, Christen
Hartson, Hilary
Hwang, Wook
Khanna, Sadhvi
Labarr, Aric
Lewis, Kara
Wanying, Li
Mendenhall, Jera
Miller, Weldon
Misumi, Munechika
Ritter, Matthew
Schweitzer, John
Seabrook, Caroline
Szymonifka, Jaclyn
Tang, Youlei
Teitt, Sarah Ann
Thielbar, Melinda
Trebes, Stephanie
White, Thomas


Banerjee, Anindita. Optimal Two-Stage Designs in Phase-II Clinical Trials. (Tsiatis)

Bergquist, Mandy Lee. Caution Using Bootstrap Tolerance Limits with Application to Dissolution Specification Limits. (Davidian)

Chen, Xi. Characterizing the Genetic Structure of Populations. (Weir)

Chen, Yun. False Selection Rate Methods in the Cox Proportional Hazards Model. (Boos, Stefanski)

Crotty, Michael. Assessing the Effects of Variability in Interest Rate Derivative Pricing. (Bloomfield)

Dasah, Julius Berry. Estimating the Number of Clusters in Cluster Analysis (Boos, Stefanski)

Doehler, Kirsten. Smooth Inference for Survival Functions with Arbitrarily Censored Data. (Davidian)

Fernandes, Andrew. Quantifying Phylogenetic Conservation in Protein Molecular Evolution. (Atchley)

Foley, Kristen Madsen. Multivariate Spatial Temporal Statistical Models for Applications in Coastal Ocean Prediction. (Fuentes)

Gao, Xiaoyi. Statistical Methods in Genetic Association Studies. (Weir, Nielsen)

Goyal, Lovely. Statistical Inference for Non-Linear Mixed Effects Models Involving Ordinary Differential Equations. (Ghosh)

Han, Sanggohn. Inference Regarding Multiple Structural Changes in Linear Models Estimated via Two Stage Least Squares. (Alastair Hall)

Huang, Xianzheng. Robustness in Latent Variable Models. (Stefanski, Davidian)

Jiang, Liqiu. Topics in Longitudinal Studies with Coarsened Data. (Tsiatis)

Kyung, Minjung. Generalized Conditionally Autoregressive Models. (Ghosh)

Lan, Lan. Variable Selection in Linear Mixed Model for Longitudinal Data. (D. Zhang, H. Zhang)

Lee, Hyeyoung. Reparametrized Dynamic Space-Time Models and Spatial Model Selection. (Ghosh)

Liu, Feng. Elliptical Copulate with Dynamic Conditional Correlation. (Bloomfield)

Liu, Xiaoni. New Methods Using Levene Type Tests for Hypotheses About Dispersion Differences. (Boos)

Ma, Liyun. Spectral Methods for Likelihood Approximation of Spatial Processes. (Fuentes)

Park, Man Sik. Symmetry and Separability in Spatial-Temporal Processes. (Fuentes)

Samanta, Suvajit. A Statistical Characterization of the Genetic Structure of Populations. (Weir)

Song, Hae-Ryoung. Associations Between Gaussian Markov Random Fields and Gaussian Geostatistical Models with an Application to Model the Impact of Air Pollution on Human Health. (Fuentes, Ghosh)

Wan, Xiaohai. Numerical Simulation Methods for Biological Tissue Interactions. (Lubkin)

Webster, Raymond. Spatial Modeling of Detection and Abundance from Count Surveys of Animal Populations. (Pollock)

Zhang, Ke. Statistical Analysis of Compounds Using OBSTree and Compound Mixtures Using Nonlinear Models. (Hughes-Oliver)

Zhu, Lianshen. Analyzing Longitudinal Data with Non-Ignorable Missing . (Ghosh)

Liu, Song Variable Selection in Semi-Parametric Additive Models with Extensions to High Dimensional Data and Additive Cox Models (Zhang)

Bulusu, Anuradha
Cho, Yoonjin
Coleman, Deidra
Dai, Dadi
DiCasoli, Carl
Donaghy, Karen
Eash, Dawn
Faison, Paris
Gratton, Jennifer
Harris, Valerie
Holmes, Dajuanicia
Kindem, Mark
Krachey, Matthew
Li, Shuming
Liu, Song
Meade, Shelly-Ann
Miclaus, Kelci
Nelson, Elizabeth
Ng, Shuren
Phipps, Ketrena
Roland, Blake
Sharma, Dhruv
Soberano, Lisa
Stanislav, Stephen
Su, Yuhua
Telech, Justin
Wu, Yabo
Xue, Xiaoqiang
Yu, Yanglin
Yuan, Xu
Zhang, Ji
Zhang, Kejun
Zhang, Yan
Zhu, Ying


Feng, Sheng. Statistical studies of Genomics Data. (Zeng, Weir)

Gao, Guozhi. Semiparametric Estimations for the Regression Coefficients in the Liner Transformation Competing Risks Models with Missing Causes of Failure. (Tsiatis)

Goedecke, David Michael. Stochastic Modelling of the Behavior of Dynein. (Elston, Lubkin)

Guo, Xiang. Statistical Analysis in Two Stage Randomization Designs in Clinical Trials. (Tsiatis)

Heo, Tae-Young. Spatial Modeling for Capturing the Effects of Point Sources. (Hughes-Oliver)

Hepler, Amanda. Improving Forensic Identification using Bayesian Networks and Relatedness Estimation: Allowing for Population Substructure. (Weir)

Hsieh, Wen-Ping. Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles with Linear Mixed Models. (Gibson, Wolfinger)

Jiang, Honghua. Age-dependent Tag Return Models for Estimating Fishing Mortality, Natural Mortality and Selectivity. (Pollock, Brownie)

Lin, Jiang. Topics in Application of Nonparametric Smoothing Splines. (Zhang, D., Davidian)

Kang, Changku. Regression Via Clustering using Dirichlet Mixtures. (Ghosal)

Park, Jung Wook. Statistical Inference for Correlated Data Based on Censored Observations. (Ghosh, Genton)

Wang, Qiong. Robust Estimation via Measurement Error Modeling. (Stefanski, Genton)

Wang, Zhi. Spectral Analysis of Protein Sequences. (Atchley, Smith)

Brinkley, Jason Scott
Bush, Montika
Cai, Yiyun
Chowning, Kris Michael
Crews, Hugh Bates
Demirhan, Eren
Finger, Christine Elizabeth
Gonzalez, Franklin
Griffith, Eric Scott
Gu, Jiezhun
Hale, Aaron
Hawley, Anne Mary
Heyward, Shenek Cartell
Hohmeister, Emily Goslin
Huang, Jin
Huang, Qingyi
Kim, Yeon Hee
Krishna, Arun
Lantz, Leslie Jaye
Li, Shuang
Lin, Fan
Liu, Qiong
Lu, Xiaomin
Ma, Yun-Rong
McKenna, Christopher Patrick
McVey, Elaine
Ouyang, Haojun
Park, Sangjin
Schumann, David Heinz
Sun, Minghui
Sun, Xuan
Zhang, Min


Allredge, Matthew Wade. Avian Point Count Surveys: Estimating Components of the Detection Process. (Pollock, Simons)

Chen, Li. Bayesian Hierarchical Spatial-temporal Models for Wind Prediction. (Fuentes, Davis)

Gosky, Ross Matthew. Bayesian Analysis and Matching Errors in Closed Population Capture Recapture Models. (Stefanski, Ghosh)

Hwang, SangPil. Time Series Analysis using Logistic Function. (Dickey)

Li, Erning. Estimation for Generalized Linear Models when Covariates are Subject-specific Parameter in a Mixed Model for Longitudinal Measurements. (Davidian, Zhang)

Lokhnygina, Yuliya. Topics in Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials. (Tsiatis)

Lu, Na. Statistical Issues in Coherent Risk Management. (Bloomfield)

Rao, Harshavardhana K. Contagion in Financial Markets: Two Statistical Approaches. (Bloomfield)

Remlinger, Katja Sabine. Statistical Design and Analysis of High Throughput Screening Data using Pooling Experiments and Data Mining Techniques. (Hughes-Oliver, Young)

Scholl, Elizabeth Hoffman. Molecular Evolution and Horizontal Gene Transfer in Meloidogyne spp. (Thorne, Bird)

Tang, Yongqiang. Dirichlet Process Mixture Models for Markov Processes. (Ghosal)

Wang, Jing. An Optimization Approach for the Parameter Estimation of the Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models. (Monahan)

Wu, Weiwei. Estimating Value at Risk and the Expected Shortfall for Heteroscedastic Financial Log Returns: Two Stage Method. (Bloomfield)

Wu, Yujun. Controlling Variable Selection by the Addition of Pseudo-variables. (Boos)

Allshouse , William Benjamin III
Balasubramanyam, Aarthi
Brooks, Atina Dunlap
Chen, Xi
Chen, Yun
Chmielewski, Cynthia Marie
Cooney, Darryl Adam
Cox, Hugh Franklin
DeFrancis, Ronald Charles
Ding, Ning
Enstrom, Besty Joan
Gallins, Paul John
Gao, Lei
Hoppes, Robert Adam
Horowitz, Rebecca
Hunter, Susan Roberta
Jallah, Yhenneko Boma
Kail, Melanie Elizabeth
Koetse, Willem Hendrik
Lee, Mi Hyun
Lee, Robert Conrad
Lin, Li
Liu, Jiajun
Liu, Liwen
Liu, Xiaoni
Liu, Ziyue
Milfords, Sarah Morgan
Ming, Alana Consuelo
Neese, Raven Michelle
Ni, Xiao
Ning, Jianhong
Ogorek, Benjamin Alexander
O'Grady, Kristi Gael
Rangel, Laureano Jesus
Ruan, Chen
Sloan, Jennifer Leigh
Tang, Lihua
Taylor, Laura Elizabeth
VanBuskirk, Mary Jean
Woodside, Kathryn Elisabeth
Xiong, Ming
Yoshizaki, Jun
Yu, Miao
Zhu, Jianyu


Agarwal, Prasheen Kumar. Bootstrap of Spatially Correlated Data. (Fuentes, Overton)

Czika, Wendy Ann. Accounting for Within-and Between-locus Dependencies in Marker Association Tests. (Weir)

Doi, Jimmy Akira. Comparison of Exact Unconditional Methods for the Difference of Two Binomial Proportions. (Berger)

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Leon, Selene. Semiparametric Efficient Estimation of Treatment Effect in a Pretest-posttest Study with Missing Data (Tsiatis, Davidian)

McIntyre, Julie Pliar. Density Deconvolution with Replicate Measurements and Auxiliary Data. (Stefanski)

Morris, Richard Wayne. Likelihood Ratio Tests for Association with Multiple Disease Susceptibility Alleles, Genotyping Errors, or Missing Parental Data. (Thorne, Kaplan)

Mukhopadhyay Paralay. Exact Test and Exact Confidence Intervals for the Ratio of Two Binomial Proportions. (Berger)

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Umbach, Amy Therese. Bayesian Imputation Methods to Measure Quality of Life. ( S. Ghosh)

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Ayanwolo Ayanbola Olajumoke
Barker, Clayton Adam
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Boyer, Joseph Guenther
Campbell, Theresa Charlene
Chmielewski, Cynthia Marie
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Zhou, Jing


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