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Fan, Ailin. New Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine: Variable Selection for Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes and Subgroup Detection (Wenbin Lu)

Hale, Sarah. Functional Mediation Analysis with an Application to Multiple Myeloma and Copy Number Variation Data (Arnab Maity)

Han, Zhen. Statistical Methods for Relational Data: Visualization, Classification, and Topic Modeling on Networks (Alyson Wilson)

Hu, Hao. A Study of Log-Concave Mixture Models (Yichao Wu)

Kim, Janet. Flexible Regression Models for Functional Responses (Ana-Maria Staicu)

Li, Zhou. Statistical methods for neuroimaging data analysis (Wenbin Lu, Lexin Li)

Liu, Zhongkai. Classification and variable selection methods for ultrahigh dimensional and imbalanced data (Howard Bondell)

Lu, Wenjing. Genome-wide association, epistasis, and selection of quantitative traits in experimental populations (Zhaobang Zeng)

Luo, Shikai. Optimal individualized treatment strategy: flexible modeling with/without imaging covariates (Rui Song, Subhasis Ghoshal)

Suarez, Adam. Bayesian Methods for Exploratory Functional Data Analysis and Existence Theorems for Solutions to Nonlinear Differential and Difference Equations (Subhashis Ghoshal, Jesus Rodriquez)

Unfried, Alana. Variable Selection in Factor Analysis (Dennis Boos, Len Stefanski)

Wilson, Samuel. Molecular evolution model selection and average estimators (Spencer Muse)

Xu, Yinzi. Binormal Precision?Recall and ROC Classification and Variable Selection (Howard Bondell)

Zhang, Yichi. List-Based Interpretable Dynamic Treatment Regimes (Eric Laber)

Zhang, Dora. Bayesian Methods for High?dimensional Data (Howard Bondell, Brian Reich)

Zhang, Xiang. Contributions to statistical methods for high dimensional and dependent data (Alyson Wilson)

Bian, Yang
Cai, Jie
Chang, Jianhong
Chen, Xin
Chen, Yizhuo
Conley, William
Dong, Lin
Gong, Yanlin
Guo, Tian
Islam, Mohammad
Kim, Min Jung
Leach, Christopher
Lee, Hanna
Li, Xiehong
Li, Rui
Li, Guowei
Liu, Beiyu
Luo, Yiwen
Ma, Xiaolong
Ren, Yingqian
Rhyne, Jacob
Shields, Michael
Sowmyanarayanan, Saranya
Speer, Jesse
Sun, Danni
Wang, Jinyi
Wang, Zhe
Weppler, Matthew
Wilson, Jonathan
Zhu, Xuelian
Zhu, Hanqi


Chen, Tian. Computational Algorithms for Penalized Logistic Regression with Categorical Predictors and Random Effect Logistic Models (Howard Bondell)

Wang, Kehui. Combined Estimation for Quantile Regression (Huixia 'Judy' Wang, Howard Bondell)

Coleman, Deidra. Advances in Significance Testing for Cluster Detection (Donald Martin, Brian Reich)

Pomann, Gina-Maria. Statistical Methods for Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis with Applications to Multiple Sclerosis (Ana-Maria Staicu)

Jiang, Runchao. Robust Learning for Optimal Treatment Strategy with Survival Data (Rui Song, Wenbin Lu)

Li, Meng. Bayesian methods for images and trees. (Subhashis Ghoshal)

Bhaumik, Prithwish. Bayesian Estimation and Uncertainty Quantifcation in Differential Equation Models (Subhashis Ghoshal)

Wu, Fan. (Laber, Eric)

Turnbull, Bradley. (Sujit Ghosh)

Yang, Peng. Penalized Regression and Model Selection in High Dimensions (Soumendra Lahiri)

Farjat, Alfredo. (Brian Reich, Fikret Isik)

Jeong, Eun. Generalized Eigenvalue problems: algorithms and applications (Hua Zou)

Li, Yifang. Bayesian nonparametric methods for testing shape constraints (Sujit Ghosh)

Parker, Jeremy Ryan. (Brian Reich)

Wang, Anran. Exploiting feature information in matrix completion (Hua Zou)

Bao, Jiaxing
Cheung, Lilian
Graham, Hilary
Jackson, Jami
King, Meredith
Lahm, Michael
Liang, Shuhan
Manandhar, Palpasa
Mao, Yuchen
Mehrotra, Suchit
Pigg, Ryland
Rapp-Olsson, Ryland
Russell, Sara
Sall, Leslie
Wang, Longshaokan
Yuan, Yue
Zhang, Yan


Bai, Xiaofei. Doubly-robust Estimators in Observational Studies with and without a stratified Sub-sample (Anastasios Tsiatis)

Banerjee, Sayantan. Bayesian Inference For High Dimesional Models: Convergence Properties and Computational Issues (Brian Reich, Subhashis Ghoshal)

Kao, Yimin. Advances in Nonparametric Bayesian Methods for Clustering and Classification (Brian Reich)

Linn, Kristin. Interactive Modeling Techniques for non-smooth Functionals in Dynamic Treatment Regimes (Eric Laber, Leonard Stefanski)

Wilson, Thomas Ander. Advances in Bayesian Methods for high-Dimensional Environmental Data (Brian Reich)

Coles, Adrian. New Approaches to Conducting Inference in Nonlinear Functional Regression Models with Novel Applications to Copy Number Data (Arnab Maity)

Jang, Woo Sung. Semiparametric Bayesian Quantile Regression (Huixia 'Judy' Wang)

Loi, Xiaoshan. (Lexin Li, Hua Zhou)

Lee, Hui-Jie. (Jeffrey Thorne)

Smith, Luke. Bayesian Quantile Regression in Biostatistical Applications (Montserrat Fuentes, Brian Reich)

Talapatra, Kasturi. (Eric Laber, Leonard Stefanski)

Tidemann-Miller, Beth. (Ana-Maria Staicu, Brian Reich)

Usset, Joseph. (Arnab Maity)

Xiao, Wei. Flexible Methods and Computation for Model Selection and Optimal Treatment Learning (Wenbin Lu, Helen Zhang)

Xu, Guangning. Variable Selection in Measurement Error Models (Leonard Stefanski)

Yoo, William Weimin. Sup-norm Posterior Convergence Rates for Regression Models with Application to Estimating the Location of Function Maximum (Subhashis Ghoshal)

Zhang, Na. Variable Selection for Optimal Treatment Regime (Howard Bondell, Eric Laber)

Zhang, Yiwen. (Hua Zhou)

Zhou, Mi. (Huixia 'Judy' Wang)

Akoto, Osei
Browning, Caleb
Cai, Yunbo
Day, Joshua
Gaines, Brian
Grantham, Neal
Kozyrkov, Cassie
Li, Zhou
Lossing, Logan
Markham, Marshall
Meyer, Nicholas
Morrison, Emma
Peng, Huimin
Serieux, Nyo
Shen, Kai
Wei, Ran
Wu, Sihan
Feng, Xue
Li, Cai
Luo, Shikai
Ruan, Shuping
Tan, Qianwen


Shin, Seung Jun. New Techniques for High-Dimensional and Complex Data Analysis Based on Weighted Learning (Yichao Wu, Helen Zhang)

Wang, Dong. Model Selection and Estimation in Generalized Additive Models and Generalized Additive Mixed Models (Daowen Zhang)

Bernhardt, Paul. Statistical Modeling with Covariates Subject to Detection Limits (Huixia 'Judy' Wang, Daowen Zhang)

Boehm, Laura. Bridge Models and Variable Selection Methods for Spatial Data (Brian Reich, Montserrat Fuentes)

Che, Ronglin. (Wenbin Lu, Alison Motsinger-Reif)

Geng, Yuan. Flexible Statistical Learning Methods for Survival Data: Risk Prediction and Optimal Treatment Decision (Helen Zhang, Wenbin Lu)

Shen, Weining. Adaptive Bayesian Function Estimation (Subhashis Ghoshal)

Torres, Pedro. Quantile Regression for Repeated Responses Measured with Error (Huixia 'Judy' Wang)

Wang, Liwei. (Sujit Ghosh)

Zhao, Guolin. Assessing Complex Genetics Effects Using Variance Component Based Marker-set Methods (Jung-Ying Tzeng,Daowen Zhang )

Beeman, Jennifer. Assessing Understanding of Sampling Distributions and Differences in Learning Amongst Different Learning Styles (Roger Woodard)

Davenport, Clemontina. Semiparametric Regression Models for Interacting Covariates (Arnab Maity)

Kong, Dehan. Penalized Regression Methods with Application to Domain Selection and Outlier Detection (Howard Bondell)

Wang, Xin. (Tzeng, Jung-Ying)

Zhang, Aijing. Statistical Methods for Assessment of Biosimilarity of Follow-on Biologics (Tzeng, Jung-Ying)

Behnke, Michael
Dong, Lan
Fan, Ailin
Gu, Ziran
Gulledge, Kristen
Hager, Rebecca
Ihrie, John
Katz, Joshua
Liu, Zhongkai
Marceau, Rachel
Meisner, Michele
Parker, Portia
Phelan, Matthew
Radder, Christina
Reynolds, Maria
Segujja-Mazzi, Cissy
Tian, Yiqing
Unangst, Jennifer
Xu, Yingzi
Zhang, Xiang
Zhang, Yan
Zhang, Yichi
Carroll, Karen
Qian, Hui
Shao, Bo
Sucic, Katarina
Zhao, Jing


Guo, Zifang. Variable Selection and Dimension Reduction for High Dimensional Complex Data (Wenbin Lu)

Li, Yen-Wei. Implementation of Association Methods for Less Constrained Sampling Strategies (Zhao-Bang Zeng)

Liu, Ye. Bayesian Inference of Stochastic Volatility Models and Applications in Risk Management (Bloomfield, Peter)

Pang, Lei. Semiparametric Estimation and Inference for Censored Regression Models (Huixia 'Judy' Wang, Wenbin Lu)

Reyes, Eric. Complete Least Squares: A New Variable Screening and Selection Method (Dennis Boos, len Stefanski)

Schulte, Phillip. Q- and A-learning Methods for Estimating Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes (Marie Davidian, Anastasios Tsiatis)

Wang, Jiangdian. Shape Restricted Nonparametric Regression with Bernstein Polynomials (Sujit Ghosh)

Yuan, Shuai. Variable Selection and Inference for Covariate-Adjusted Semiparametric Inference in Randomized Clinical Trials (Marie Davidian, Helen Zhang)

Zhou, Jingwen. Calibration of Numerical Model Output using Nonparametric Spatial Denisty Functions (Montserrat Fuentes)

Fiske, Ian. Characterizing Spatiotemporal Trends in Amphibian Abundance Using Latent Variable Models (Gross, Kevin)

Jiang, Liewen. Methods for Interquantile Shrinkage and Variable Selection in Linear Regression Models (Sujit Ghosh)

Liu, Bo. Accelerated Failure Time Model for Correlated Survival Data: Efficient Estimation and Inference (Wenbin Lu)

Post, Justin. Methods to Improve Prediction Accuracy under Structural Constraints (Howard Bondell)

Zhang, Baqun. (Anastasios Tsiatis, Marie Davidian)

Vock, David. Advanced Statistical Methods for Complex Longitudinal Data (Marie Davidian, Anastasios Tsiatis)

Zhang, Baqun. Robust Statistical Method for Estimating Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes (Anastasios Tsiatis)

Avery, Matthew. New Techniques for Functional Data Analysis: Model Selection, Classification, and Nonparametric Regression (Helen Zhang)

Brown, Chad. A Study of Using Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines in Pharmacogenomics and Drug Family Clustering (Motsinger-Reif)

Lin, Chen-Yen. Some Recent Developments in Parametric and Nonparametric Regression Models (Helen Zhang, Howard Bondell)

Zhang, Bo. Dimension Reduction and Classification for High Dimensional Complex Data (Lexin Li, Hua Zhou)

Austin, Matthew
Chen, Tian
Clay, Latoya
Coles, Adrian
Deis, Jennifer
Hale, Sarah
James, Jennifer
Jiang, Runchao
Kim, Janet
Li, Meng
Morris, Samuel
Nisbet, Dusti
Parker, Ryan
Peterson, Geoffrey
Regh, Todd
Roedema, Michael
Shusterman, Keith
Tirado, Frances
Turnbull, Bradley
Wang, Kehui
Weber, Victoria
Welter, Amanda
Wilcox, Andrew
Wu, Christine
Wu, Fan
Xiong, Ze
Yang, Muyi
Yang, Peng
Yang, Yue
Bartsch, Jennifer
Burner, Benjamin
Chai, Manhong
Ma, Chunxiao
Zhao, Yao


Alston, Shenek. A Bayesian Spatial Analysis of Extreme Precipitation (Montserrat Fuentes, Lian Xie)

Su, Yuhua. Mixture Models for Gene Expression Experiments with Two Species (Jason Osborne, Jacqueline Hughes-Oliver)

Thielbar, Melinda. Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting: Practical Implications of Theoretical Results (Dickey, David)

Winham, Stacey. Model Selection with Epistasis: A Focus on Comparative Performance and Prediction to Improve the Usability of Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (Motsinger-Reif, Alison)

Cai, Na. Semiparametric Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data with Informative Observation Times and/or Dropout (Wenbin Lu, Helen Zhang)

Duan, Jiangtao. Bootstrap-Based Variance Estimators for A Bagging Predictor (Dennis Boos, len Stefanski)

Li, Nan. Sparse Learning in Multiclass Problems (Zhang, Helen)

Osman, Muhtarjan. Bayesian Noninferiority Testing and Nonparametric Survival Regression using Bernstein Polynomials (Sujit Ghosh)

Tzeng, Koehler, Megan. Penalized Likelihood Analysis of Haplotype Effect (Jung-Ying Tzeng, Howard Bondell)

Li, Wanying. Application of Nonparametric Quantile Regression to Estimating Value at Risk (Bloomfield, Peter)

Guo, Zifang. (Lexin Li, Wenbin Lu)

Mathias, Jamila. Bivariate Contours for Censored Data (John Monahan, Huixia 'Judy' Wang)

Tian, Chuan. Density Functional Investigation of the Electronic Structures of Some Transition Metal Magnetic Solids and Statistical Methods on Drug Discovery (Whangbo, Lexin Li)

Warren, Joshua. Spatial-Temporal Modeling of the Association between Air Pollution Exposure and Birth Outcomes (Montserrat Fuentes)

Yan, Song. Joint Modeling of Primary Binary Outcome and Longitudinal Covariates Measured at Informative Observation Times (Lexin Li, Zhao-Bang Zeng)

Zhu, Hongjie. Pharmacometabolomics Data Analysis and Nonlinear Sufficient Dimension Reduction for Genome-Scale Studies (Lexin Li, Zhao-Bang Zeng)

Robbins, Danielle. Generalized Sensitivity Functions for Delayed Differential Equations (H.T. Banks)

Bai, Xiaofei
Che, Ronglin
Chen, Pu
Chi, Xuan
Hu, Mingzhu
Jang, Woo Sung
Li, Xiaoshan
Morris, Adam
Talapatra, Kasturi
Wang, Hui
Wang, Liwei
Weng, Tengying
Wilson, Thomas
Xiao, Wei
Xu, Guangning
Young, Daniel
Zhang, Bo
Zhang, Lixia
Zhang, Na
Zhang, Yiwen
Jia, Qian
Kao, Yimin
Linn, Kristin
Mei, Xiaojun
Unfried, Alana
Wu, Hao
Zhou, Ang
Zhou, Rongrong


Da Costa E Silva, Luciano. Multiple Trait Multiple Interval Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci from Inbred Line Crosses (Zhao-Bang Zeng, Howard Bondell)

Mishra, Kaushal. Phase Contrast Neutron Imaging using Single and Multiple Pinhole Apertures (Ayman Hawari, Sujit Ghosh)

Wang, Chun-Ju. Risk Measures and Capital Allocation (Bloomfield, Peter)

Zhu, Ying. Modeling Dependence in the Design of Crop Insurance Contracts (Goodwin, Sujit Ghosh)

Kalendra, Eric. Space-time Modeling of Health Effects while Controlling for Spatially Varying Exposure Surfaces (Brian Reich, Montserrat Fuentes)

LaBarr, Aric. Multivariate Robust Estimation of DCC-GARCH Volatility Model (Bloomfield, Peter)

White, John. Bayesian Multi-Scale Smoothing of Photon-Limited Images with Applications to Astronomy and Medicine (Subhashis Ghoshal)

Ahn, Mihye. Random Effect Selection in Linear Mixed Models (Helen Zhang, Wenbin Lu)

Eloyan, Ani. Semi-Parametric Models for Independent Component Analysis (Sujit Ghosh)

Franck, Christopher. Latent Group-Based Interaction Effects in Unreplicated Factorial Experiments (Osborne, Jason)

Gunes, Funda. Variable Selection via Confidence Regions (Howard Bondell)

Huang, Mingyan. Semiparametric Mixed Models for Censored Longitudinal Data (Daowen Zhang, Helen Zhang)

Ku, Yu-Cheng. Essays on Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models Using Wishart Processes: A General Discussion and Dimension Reduction by Latent Factor Structures (Bloomfield, Peter)

Sharma, Dhruv. Penalization Methods for Group Identification and Variable Selection in Models with Correlated Predictors (Howard Bondell)

Barbare, Ralph
Bernhardt, Paul
Boehm, Laura
Dossett, Thomas
Fang, Juan
Franklin, Anthony
Geng, Yuan
Jones, Kevin
Kim, Woohyeon
Kong, Dehan
Krut, Christopher
Lee, Hui-Jie
Lepionka, Stephanie
Li, Haoshu
Mikol, Sarah
Replogle, Justin
Ridenhour, Jamie
Shen, Weining
Shen, Zhangxin
Smith, Luke
Sojda, Courtney
Thomas, Steven
Tian, Chuan
Tidemann-Miller, Beth
Usset, Joseph
Wang, Zhi
White, Kyle
Zhang, Pingye
Zhao, Jieyuan
Brizzotti, Murilo
Chen, Zhengyuan
Davenport, Clemontina
Davenport, Eric
Lennon, Morgan
Roy, Siddharth
Sharma, Bhawna
Wang, Jun
Zhang, Jianbo
Shen, Zhangxin