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Saebitna Oh - "Significance tests for time-varying covariate effect in longitudinal functional data"

Shuping Ruan - "Dynamic treatment regimes under constraints"

Susheela Singh - "Adaptive Tuning of Evolutionary Optimization Routines for DANNAs"

Isaac Michaud - "Gaussian Process Approximations for Designing Experiments"

Tao Hu - "Approximate Thompson Sampling for Large Decision Problems"

Nicholas Kapur - "Spatial Analysis of College Basketball Shot Data"

Wenhao Hu - "Assessing Tuning Parameter Selection Variability in Penalized Regression"

Longshaokan Wang - "Sufficient Markov Decision Processes with Alternating Deep Neural Networks"

Joyce Yu - "The Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge"

Arnab Hazra - "A Spatio-temporal regression model for longitudinally acquired MRI data"