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In 2016 the NC State Department of Statistics is celebrating its 75th Anniversary! Really, it started in 1941! We invite you to browse through the links on the left to learn more about the history of our department and our alumni.

Registration for the conference is closed.

75th Anniversary Conference

The main event of the year will be the weekend of Oct. 7-9, 2016, when the department will host a conference in SAS Hall. The four sessions on Friday and Saturday each begin with a keynote speaker, and then are followed by many alumni giving short talks. The weekend is intended to be a reunion and homecoming celebration, with a banquet on Friday evening and a reception on Saturday evening. We want all alumni to join us and share about your life since graduation. (Unfortunately, we could not put all alumni on the official program--so some sampling was required!)

Click here to view the conference schedule.

Gertrude Cox at Cox Hall, 1960

SAS Hall, completed in 2009