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Statistical Consulting Services at NCSU

Statistical Consulting Core

The SCC provides services including, but not limited to, study design, analytical and programming support, and grant and manuscript preparation for researchers at NCSU and outside clients. The SCC works closely with investigators and centers to develop and apply cutting edge analysis to facilitate advances in research across campus.

Our fee-for-service core structure allows colleges to directly support effort for their investigators. Get started by contacting Dr. Betsy Scholl. The first meeting will involve determining the scope of the project and the resources needed. After that meeting, an action plan will be developed that will include the scope of work, timetables and deliverables, and an estimate. Once the action plan is determined, the project will start.

In addition to our fee-for-service work, the Department of Statistics continues to provide free statistical consulting support for grant development through the SCC and for statistical analysis through our consulting courses.

Contact us at: ehscholl@ncsu.edu