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Undergraduate Program

  1. Increase the number of internships available for undergraduates by 5-10
  2. Increase the number of undergraduate students in research
  3. Incorporate SAS and R into all 400 level courses

Masters Program

  1. Develop & enhance soft skills for students (oral and written communication and teamwork)
  2. Maintain (or improve) the quality of the "brand" (a Master of Statistics from NCSU)
  3. Encourage all masters students to pass the SAS certification before completing the program

Online Program

  1. Increase the number of faculty teaching online courses
  2. . Begin to help online student's reach their career advancement objectives upon graduation

Ph.D Program

  1. Reduce the median time to completion of the PhD to 5 years
  2. Increase recruitment of minorities.
  3. Increase opportunities for internships
  4. Start a PhD program in Stat Education

Laboratory for Collaboration and Statistical Innovation (L-CSI)

  1. Determine a cost-effective approach to publicize CIS
  2. Increase the number of participating faculty, students, and clients
  3. Leverage the online program and GITs to build connections to industrial partners


  1. Prepare for big data in terms of building infrastructure and then personnel
  2. Obtain greater administrative support from the university and department to help facilitate faculty to get & keep research grants

Teaching and Instruction

  1. Incorporate more analysis of real data into 400-level and 700-level courses
  2. Promote professional development in teaching
  3. Address problems caused by teaching evaluations - decrease in rigor, increase in grades
  4. Improve programming and soft skills of students at all levels