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Books are listed alphabetically by author.

Aalen, Odd O., Borgan, Ornulf and Gjessing, Hakon K. (2008)
   Survival and Event History Analysis
   QA276  .A4743  2008

Abbott, Stephen (2001)
   Understanding Analysis
   QA300  .A18  2001

Agresti, A. (2002)
   Categorical Data Analysis
   QA278 .A353 2002

Albert, Jim (2003)
   Teaching Statistics Using Baseball
   QA276.18 .A44 2003

Albert, Jim, Bennett, Jay, and Cochran, James J. (2005)
   Anthology of Statistics in Sports
   GV741 .A694 2005

Andersen, P. K., Borgan, O., Gill, R. D., and Keiding, N. (1993)
   Statistical Models Based on Counting Processes
   QA274.42  .S75

Antelman, G. (1997)
   Elementary Bayesian Statistics

Atkinson, A. C. (1985)
   Plots, Transformations, and Regression
   QA278.2 .A85 1985

Barnett, V. and Lewis, T.  (1994)
   Outliers in Statistical Data
   QA276  .B2849  1994

Bates & Watts (1988) (2 copies)
   Nonlinear Regression Analysis and its Applications
   QA278.2  .B375  1998

Batoszynski, R., and Niewiadomska-Bugaj, M. (1996)
   Probability and Statistical Inference
   QA273  .B2584

Bell, Douglas (1997)
   The Essence of Programming Using C++
   QA76.73  .C153 B45  1996

Berger, James O.  (2006)
   Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis
   QA279.4   .B46

Bickel, Peter J., Klaassen, Chris A.J., Ritov, Yaacov, and Wellner, Jon A. (1998)
   Efficient and Adaptive Estimation for Semiparametric Models
   QA276.8  .E374  1998  (Replaced)

Billingsley, Patrick (1985)
   Probability and Measure
   QA273  .B575  1985

Billingsley, Patrick (1986)
   Probability and Measure
   QA273  .B575  

Billingsley, P. (1995)
   Probability and Measure
   QA273  .B575  1995

Billingsley, Patrick (1999)
   Convergence of Probability Measures (2 copies)
   QA273.6  .B55  1999  
Bishop, Christopher M. (2006)
   Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
   Q327  .B53  2006

Bloomfield, Peter (2000)
   Fourier Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction
   QA280   .B59   2000
Bloomfield, Peter, and Steiger, William L. (1983)
   Least Absolute Deviations: Theory, Applications, and Aogorithms
   QA275   .B56   1983
Bowman, Adrian W., Adelchi Azzalini (1997)
   Applied Smoothing Techniques for Data Analysis:  The Kernel
   Approach with SPlus Illustrations
   QA278 .B68 1997

Breiman, Leo, Friedman, Jerome, Olshen, Richard A. and Stone,   
Charles J. (1993) 
   Classification and Regression Trees (2 copies)
   QA278.65 .C54  1984

Brockwell, Peter J. and Davis, Richard A.  (2002, 2nd ed.)
   An Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting
   QA280  .B757  2002

Buckland, Anderson, Burnham, Laake (1993)
   Distance Sampling  Estimating Abundance of Biological Populations
   QLl752  .D57  1993

Burnham, K. P., and Anderson, D. R. (2002, 2nd ed.)
   Model Selection and Multimodel Inference
   QH323.5  .B87  2002  (Replaced)

Carlin, B. P., and Louis, T. A. (1996)
   Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods for Data Analysis
   QA279.5  .C33

Carroll, R. J.,  and Ruppert, D. (1988)
   Transformation and Weighing in Regression
   QA278.2  .C37  1988

Carroll, R. J., Ruppert, D., and Stefanski, L. A. (1995)
   Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models

Carroll, R.J., Ruppert, D., Stefanski, L.A., Crainiceanu, C.M. (2006)
   Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models
   QA278.2  .C365   2006

Casella, George
   Statistical Design (2008)
   QA279 .C309 2008

Chambers and Hastie (1991)
   Statistical Models in S

Chatterjee, S. and Hadi, A.S. (2006)
   Regression Analysis by Example (4th edition)
   QA278.2  .C5  2006

Chen, Ming-Hui, Qi-Man Shao, Joseph G. Ibrahim (2000)
   Monte Carlo Methods in Bayesian Computation
    QA279.5 .C57 2000

Christensen, R. (1996)
   Analysis of Variance, Design and Regression:  Applied
   Statistical Methods
   QA276 .C492  1996

Christensen, R. (1990)
   Linear Models for Multivariate, Time Series, and
   Spatial Data

Christensen, R. (1996, 2nd edition)
   Plane Answers to Complex Questions: The Theory of
   Linear Models
   QA279  .C48  1996

Chung, Kai Lai (1974)
   A Course in Probability Theory
   QA273  .C577  1974

Chung, K.L.   (2001)
   A Course in Probability Theory
   QA273 .C577 2001

Clarke, B., and Ghosal, Subhashis (2008)
   Pushing the Limits of Contemporary Statistics: Contributions in Honor of
   Jayanta K. Ghosh
   Call number unkown

Cleveland, W. S. (1994, rev. ed.)
   The Elements of Graphing Data
   QA90  .C54

Cleveland, W. S. (1993)
   Visualizing Data
   QA90  .C549

Cobb, George W. (1998)
   Introduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments
   QA279  .C625  1998

Cochran, W. G. (1977)
   Sampling Techniques
   QA276.6  .C6

Cochran, W. G. (1983)
   Planning and Analysis of Observational Studies
    QA279 .C63 1983

Collett, D.  (1991)
   Modelling Binary Data
   QA279  .C64   1991

Collett, D. (1994)
   Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research
   R853 .S7 C65  1994

Cook & Weisberg (1994)
   An Introduction to Regression Graphics 
   QA279.2  .C663

Cook, T. D. et al. (1992)
   Meta-Analysis for Explanation: A Casebook
   H62  .C5856

Cook, Richard J. and Lawless, Jerald F.  (2007)
   The Statistical Analysis of Recurrent Events
   QH323.5  .C67  2007

Cooper, H., and Hedges, L. V. (1994)
   The handbook of Research Synthesis
   Q180.55  .M4 H35  1994

Cressie, N. A. C. (1991)
   Statistics for Spatial Data
   QA278.2  .C75

Crowder, M. J., and Hand, D. J. (1990)
   Analysis of Repeated Measures
   QA278  .C76

Crow, J. F., Keyfitz, N., Karlin, S., and Wilson, E. O. eds. (1974)
   Theoretical Population Biology, Volume 5
   QH301 .T54 Vol. 5

Cryer, Jonathan D. and Chan, Kung-Sik (2008) (2nd Edition)
   Time Series Analysis with Applications in R
   QA280   .C78  2008

D'Agostino, R. B. and Stephens, M. (eds.) (1986)
   QA277  .G645

DasGupta, Arinban (2008) (2 copies)
   Asymptotic Theory of Statistics and Probability 
   QA276  .D3254  2008

DasGupta, Arinban (2010)
   Fundamentals of Probability: A First Course
   QA273  .D5873  2010

Davidian, M., and Giltinan, D. (1995)
   Nonlinear Models for Repeated Measurements Data
   RA409  .D38  1995

Desu, M. M. (1990)
   Sample Size Methodology
   QA27.6  .D47  1990

Dey, Dipak K., Ghosh, Sujit K., and Mallick, Bani K. (2000)
   Generalized LInear Models: A Bayesian Perspective
   QA276  .D485  2000   
Diggle, Liang, and Zeger (1994)
   Analysis of Longitudinal Data

Diggle, P.J., Heagerty, P., Liang, K.-Y. and Zeger, S.L. (2002)
   Analysis of Longitudinal Data
   QA278 .A49735 2002

Diggle, P. J., Heagerty, P., Liang K-Y, Zeger, S. L. (2002)
   Analysis of Longitudinal Data (2nd Ed.)
   QA278 .D545 2002

Dobson, A.J.  (2001)
   An Introduction to Generalized Linear Models
   QA276  .D589   2001

Duchateau, Luc and Janssen, Paul (2008)
   The Frailty Model (Statistics for Biology and Health)
   QA276  .D795  2008

Dudoit, Sandrine, and van der Laan, Mark J. (2008)
   Multiple Testing Procedures with Applications to Genomics
   QH438.4  .S73 D83  2008

Edelstein-Keshet, L. (1988)
   Mathematical Models in Biology
   QH323.5  .E34

Edwards, A.E.F  (1992)
   Q174  .E34  1992

Efron, B., and Tibshirani (1993)
   An Introduction to the Bootstrap
   QA276.8  .E3745   1993  (Replaced) (2 copies)

Efron, B. (1982)
   The Jackknife, the Bootstrap, and Other Resampling Plans
   QA276.8 .E375 1982  (Replaced)

Eubank, R. (1988)
   Spline Smoothing and Nonparametric Regression

Everitt, B. S. (1992)
   The Analysis of Contingency Tables

Everitt, Brian S. (1999)
   Chance Rules: An Informal guide to Probability, Risk
   And Statistics
   QA273 .E84  1999

Fahrmeir, Ludwig and Tutz, Gerhard (2001)
   Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on Generalized Linear Models
   QA278  .F34  2001   (Replaced)

Fan, J., Gijbels, I. (1996)
   Local Polynomial Modelling and Its Applications
   QA278.2 .F36 1996

Ferguson, Thomas (1996)
   A Course in Large Sample Theory
   QA276.6  .F466  1996

Fisher, L. D., and van Belle, G. (1993)
   QH 323.5  .F57

Fishman, G. (1997)
   Monte Carlo: Concepts, Algorithms, and Applications
   QA293  .F57

Fitzmaurice, Garrett M., Laird, Nan M., and Ware, James H. (2004)
   Applied Longitudinal Analysis 
   QA278  .F575  2004  (Replaced)
Fleiss, Joseph L. (1981)
   Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions
   QA279  .F58  1981

Fleming, T. R., and Harrington, D. P. (1991)
   Counting Processes & Survival Analysis
   QA274.42  F44  (Replaced)

Fuller, W. A. (1995)
   Introduction to Statistical Time Series, 2nd Ed.
   QA280  .F84

Fuller, W. A. (1987) (2 copies)
   Measurement Error Models
   QA275  .F85  1987

Galwey, N.W. (2006)
   Introduction to Mixed Modelling
   QA276  .G33  2006

Garfield, Joan B. (ed.)  (2005)
   Innovations in Teaching Statistics
   HA35  .I48  2005

Garthwaite, P. H., Jollife, I. T., Jones, B. (1995)
   Statistical Inference
   QA276  .G36

Gastwirth, Joseph L. (ed.) (2000)
   Statistical Science in the Courtroom
   K5485  .S73  2000

Gelfand, Alan E., Diggle, Peter J., Fuentes, Montserrat, and Guttorp, Peter (2010)
   Handbook of Spatial Statistics
   QA278.2  .H374   2010
Gelman, Carlin, Stern, and Rubin (1995)
   Bayesian Data Analysis

Gelman, A., Carlin, J.B., Stern, H.S. and Rubin, D.B. (2003)
   Bayesian Data Analysis
   QA279.5  .B386   2003

Gelman, Andrew and Nolan, Deborah (2002)
   Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks
   QA276.18  .G45  2002

Genton, Marc G.  (2004)
   Skew-Elliptical Distributions and Their Applications:  A
   Journey Beyond Normality
   QA273.6  .S54  2004

George, I. Edward (editor) (2000)
   Monographs of Official Statistics:  Bayesian methods with applications
   to science, policy and official statistics
Gibson, Greg and Muse, Spencer V. (2009)
   A Primer of Genome Science
   QU58.5   .G448p  2009

Giesbrecht, Francis G. and Gumpertz, Marcia L. (2004)
   Planning, Construction, and Statistical Analysis
   of Comparative Experiments
   QA279 .G52 2004

Gilks, Richardson, and Spiegelhalter (1996)
   Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice
   QA274.7  .M35   1996  (two copies)

Gilks, Richardson, and Spiegelhalter (1998)
   Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice
   QA274.7  .M355  1998

Gill, J. (2002)
   Bayesian Methods for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
   QA279.5 .G55 2002

Glaz, Joseph, Naus, Joseph, and Wallenstein, Sylvan (2001)
   Scan Statistics 
   QA278.7  .G57  2001

Gnanadesikan, R. (1997)
   Methods for Statistical Data Analysis of Multivariate
   Observations, 2nd Ed.
   QA278  .G6

Good, P. (1994)
   Permutation Tests: A Practical Guide to Resampling
   Methods for Testing Hypotheses
   QA277  .G643

Green, P.J., and Silverman, B.W.  (1994)
   Nonparametric Regression and Generalized Linear Models
   QA278.2 .G735 1994

Gu, Chong (2002)
   Smoothing Spline ANOVA Models
   QA279 .G8 2002   (Replaced)

Guttorp, Peter (1995)
   Stochastic Modeling of Scientific Data
   QA274.7  .G88  1995

Hald, A. (1990)
   A History of Probability and Statistics and Their
   Applications Before 1750
   QA273  .A4 H35

Hamilton, James D. (1994)
   Time Series Analysis
   Q280  .H264  1994 (2 copies)

Hand, Daly, Lunn, McConway, and Ostrowski (1994)
   A Handbook of Small Data Sets
   QA276.12   .W37   2003

Hand, D., Mannila, H. and Smyth, P. (2001)
   Principles of Data Mining
   QA76.9  .D343 H38   2001

Hardin, J. and Hilbe, J.H.  (2002)
   Generalized Estimating Equations
   QA278.2   .H378   2002

Hardle, Wolfgang, Liang, Hua and Gao, Jiti (2000)
   Partially Linear Models
   QA279  .H35  2000
Harrell, F. E. Jr. (2001)
   Regression Modeling Strategies: With Applications to Linear Models,
   Logistic Regression, and Survival Analysis
   QA278.2  .H387 2001

Harvey, Andrew (1990)
   Forecasting, Structural Time Series Modes & the Kalman Filter
   QA280  .H38  1990

Harville, D. A. (1997) (2 copies)
   Matrix Algebra From a Statistician's Perspective
   QA184 .H375 1997

Hastie, T., Tibshirani, R., and Friedman, J. (2001) and (2009)
   The Elements of Statistical Learning
   Q325.75  .F75  
   Q325.75. .H37  2009
Hedges, L. V., and Olkin, I. (1985)
   Statistical Methods for Meta Analysis
   HA29  .H425 (2 copies)

Heiberger, and Vick (1996, 2nd Ed.)
   The Academic Job Search Handbook
   LB2331.72  .H45  1992

Heyde, Chris  (1997)
   Quasi-Likelihood and Its Applications: A General Approach to
   Optimal Parameter Estimation
   QA276.8  .H475

Hinkelman & Kempthorne (1994)
   Design and Analysis of Experiments
   QA279  .M56

Hjorth, J.S.U. (1994)
   Computer Intensive Statistical Methods: Validation,
   model selection and bootstrap
   QA276.4  .H56  1994

Hoff, Peter D. (2009)
   A First Course in Bayesian Statistical Methods
   QA279.5 .H64 2009
Hollander, M., and Wolfe, D. A. (1973)
   Nonparametric Statistical Methods
   QA278.8  .H65

Hosmer, D. W., Lemeshow, S. (2000, 2nd Ed.)
   Applied Logistic Regression
   QA278.2 .H67 2000

Hougaard, Philip (2000)
   Analysis of Multivariate Survival Data
   R853  .S7  H68  2000

Hsu, Jason (1996)
   Multiple Comparisons: Theory and Methods
   QA278.4  .H78  1996   (Replaced)

Huber, P. J. (1981)
   Robust Statistics
   QA276   .H785

Huber, Peter J. and Ronchetti, Elvezio M. (20090
   Robust Statistics (2nd Edition)
   QA276  .H785   2009
Isaaks, and Srivastava, (1989)
   An Introduction to Applied Geostatistics
   QE33.2 .M3 I83 1989

Jacquez, John. A. (1985)
   Compartmental Analysis in Biology and Medicine
   QH323  .J3  1985

Jaffe, J. (1996)
   Mastering the SAS System

Johnson, Kotz, and Balakrishnan (1994)
   Continuous Univariate Distributions, Vol. 1 and 2, 2nd Ed.
   QA273.6  .J6

Johnson, N. L., Kotz, S., and Balakrishnan, N. (1997)
   Discrete Multivariate Distributions
   QA273.6  .J617

Jong, P. and Heller, G.Z. (2008)
   Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Data
   HG8781  .D45  2008

Kalbfleisch, J.D. and Prentice, R.L. (1980)
   The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time 
   QA270 .K34 

Kalbfleisch, J.D. and Prentice, R.L. (2002)
   The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time (2nd edition)
   QA270 .K34 2002

Kasprzyk, D., Duncan, G., Kalton, G., and Singh, M. P. (1989)
   Panel Surveys
   QA276.6  .P36

Khuri, A. I. (1993)
   Advanced Calculus with Applications to Statistics
   QA303  .K52

Khuri, A. I. (2003, 2nd Ed.)
   Advanced Calculus With Applications in Statistics
   QA303.2 .K48 2003 (2 copies)

Khuri, A. I. and Cornell, John A. (1996) (2 copies)
   Response Surfaces Designs and Analyses; Second Edition 
   QA279  .K48    

Kleinbaum, D.G. and Klein, M. (2002)
   Logistic Regression: A Self-Learning Text
   R853  .S7 K54  2002 (three copies)

Kotz, S., and Johnson, N. L. (1992)
   Breakthroughs in Statistics Volume I: Foundations and Basic Theory
Kotz, S., and Johnson, N. L. (1992)
   Breakthroughs in Statistics Volume II: Methodology and Distribution
   QA276  .A12 B74

Kotz, S., Balakrishnan, N., Johnson, N. L. (2000)
   Continuous Multivariate Distributions Volume 1: Models and Applications
    QA273.6 .K68 2000

Kramer, A., Kretzschmar, M. and Krickeberg, K., eds. (2010)
   Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Concepts, Methods, Mathematical Models, and Public Health
   RA651  .K10  2010

Krzanowski, W. J., and Marriot, F. H. C. (1994)
   Multivariate Analysis, Part I: Distributions, Ordination and Inference
   QA278  .K728  1994  pt. 1

Lahiri, S.N. (2003)
   Resampling Methods for Dependent Data
   QA278.8  .L344  2003  (Replaced)

Lawless, J. F. (1982)
   Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data
   QA276  .L328

Lawson, Andrew, Browne, William and Rodiero, Carmen (2003)
   Disease mapping with WinBUGS and MLwiN
   RA792.5  .L388  2003

Lazar, Nicole A. (2008)
   The Statistical Analysis of Functional MRI Data (Statistics for Biology and Health)
   RA409.5  .L465  2008

LeCam, L. and Yang, G.L.  (2000)
   Asymptotics in Statistics: Some Basic Concepts
   QA276   .L336    2000  (replaced)

Lee, P. M. (1989)
   Bayesian Statistics: An Introduction
   QA279.5  .L44  2989

Lee, P.M.  (2004)
   Bayesian Statistics: An Introduction
   QA279.5 .L44 2004

Lehmann, E.L., and Casella, George (1998)
   Theory of Point Estimation (Springer)
   QA276.8  .L43  1998 (Replaced)

Lehmann, E.L., and Romano, Joseph P.  (2005)
   Testing Statistical Hypotheses
   QA276 .L343  2005  (Replaced)

Levine, J. R., and Young, M. L. (1993)
   UNIX for Dummies
   QA76.76  .063 L486  1993

Light, R. J., and Pillemer, D. B. (1984)
   Summing Up: The Science of Reviewing Research
   H62  .L46  1984 (2 copies)

Little, Roderick J.A. and Rubin, Donald B. (2002)
   Statistical Analysis With Missing Data
   QA276  .L57  2002 (2 copies)

Liu, Jun S. (2001)
   Monte Carlo Strategies in Scientific Computing
   Q180.55  .S7 L58  2001

Luenberger, D. G. (1979)
   Introduction to Dynamic Systems
   QA402  .L84

Madsen, Henrik (2007)
   Time Series Analysis
   QA280  .M32  2007

Magnan, R. (1990)
   147 Practical Tips for Teaching professors
   LB2331  .M345

Maindonald, John and Brauh, John (2003)
   Data Analysis and Graphics Using R
   QA276.4   .M245   2003  (Replaced)

Maronna, R.A., Martin, R.D., and Yohai, V.J.  (2006)
   Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods
   QA276 .M34 2006

McCabe, B., Tremayne, A. (1993)
   Elements of Asymptotic Theory with Statistical
   QA277  .M36

McCabe, B., Tremayne, A.  (1992)
   Elements of Modern Asymptotic With Statistica
   QA277  .M376  1992

McCullagh, P., & Nelder (1989)
   Generalized Linear Models
   QA276  .M38

McCulloch, C. E, Searle, S. R. (2000)
   Generalized, Linear and Mixed Models
   QA279 .M3847 2000  (Replaced)

McGarigal, Kevin, Cushman, Sam and Stafford, Susan (2000)
   Multivariate Statistics for Wildlife and Ecology Research
   QH541.2  .M39  2000

McLachlan, G. J., and Krishnan, T. (1996)
   The EM Algorithm and Extensions
   QA276.8  .M394  1996  (Replaced)

McLachlan, Geoffrey and Peel, David (2001)
   Finite Mixture Models
   QA273.6  .M395  2001  (Replaced)

McNeil, D. (1996)
   Epidemiological Research Methods
   QA123  .W1

Miller, Alan (2002)
   Subset Selection in Regression (2nd Ed.)
   QA278.2  .M56  2002  (Replaced)

Milliken, George A. and Johnson, Dallas E.  (2002)
   Analysis of Messy Data
   QA278  .M48  1984

Mitchell, M. (1996)
   An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
   QH941.2  .M55

Mittelbach, F. and Goossens, M. (2004)
   The LaTeX Companion
   Z253.4   .L38G66   2004

Molenberghs, Geert, and Verbeke, Geert (2005)
   Models for Discrete Longitudinal Data (2 copies)
   QA279  .M127   2005

Monahan, J. F. (2001)
   Numerical Methods of Statistics
   QA276.4 .M65 2001

Monahan, J. F. (2008)
   A Primer on Linear Models
   QA279  .M659  2008

Montgomery, D. C. (1985)
   Statistical Quality Control
   TS156  .M64

Montgomery, D. C., and Peck, E. A. (1992)
   Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis
   QA278.2  .M65

Moore, Thomas L. (2000)
   Teaching Statistics:  Resources for Undergraduate Instructors
   QA276.18 .T45 2000

Morris and Tibshirani (2008)
   The Science of Bradley Efron
   QA276 .A12 E376 2008
Morrison, Donald F.  (1990)
   Multivariate Statistical Methods
   QA279  .M69  1990

Muirhead, Robb J. (2005)
   Aspects of Multivariate Statistical Theory
   QA278 .M79 2005

Murray, J. D. (1993)
   Mathematical Biology
   QH323.5  .M88

Myers, R. H. (1990)
   Classical and Modern Regression with Applications
   QA278.2  .M49

Neter, Wasserman, & Kutner (1990)
   Applied Linear Statistical Models
   QA278.2  .N47

Nolan, Deborah and Speed, Terry (2000)
   Stat Labs: Mathematical Statistics Through
   QA276.12 .N68 2000 (2 copies)

O'Hagan, Anthony and West, Mike, editors (2010)
   The Oxford Handbook of Applied Bayesian Analysis
   QA279.5   .O94  2010

O'Quigley, John (2008)
   Proportional Hazards Regression (Statistics for Biology and Health)
   QA278.2  .O68  2008

Owen, A. B. (2001)
   Empirical Likelihood
   QA276.8 .O94 2001  (Replaced)

Patterson, Scott, and Jones, Byron (2006)
   Bioequivalence and Statistics in Clinical Pharmacology
   RM301.28 .P38 2006
Peters, R. L. (1992)
   Getting what You Came for: The Smart Student's Guide to Earning a Master's or a Ph.D
   LB2371.4 .P48 1992

Pinheiro, J. C., Bates, D. M. (2000)
   Mixed-Effects Models in S and S-PLUS
   QA76.73 .S15P56 2000

Pocock, S. J. (1984)
   Clinical Trials
   R850  .A2 P6  1984

Quesenberry, Charles (1997)
   SPC Methods for Quality Improvement
   TS156.8  .Q47

Rabb, M. Y.  (1993)
   The Presentation Design Book
   T385  .R33

Ramsay, J. O., Silverman, B. W. (1997)
   Functional Data Analysis
   QA278 .R36 1997

Ramsay, J. O., Silverman, B. W. (2002)
   Applied Functional Data Analysis: Methods and Case Studies
   QA278 .R35 2002

Rao, C. Radhakrishna (2002)
   Linear Statistical Inference and Its Applications (2nd edition)
   QA276  .R362  2002

Rao, C. Radhakrishna and Toutenburg, Helge (1999)
   Linear Models: Least Squares and Alternatives
   QA279 .R3615 1999

Rawlings, J. O., Pantula, S. G., Dickey, D. D. (1998)
   Applied Regression Analysis, A Research Tool, 2nd Ed.
   QA278.2  .R38   1998  (replaced)

Rencher, A. C. (1998)
   Multivariate Statistical Inference and Applications
   QA278  .R453

Ripley, B. D. (1987)
   Stochastic Simulation
   QA76.9  .C65 R57

Robert, C. P., Casella, G. (1999)
   Monte Carlo Statistical Methods
   QA276 .R575 1999  (Replaced)

Rogers, G. S. (1980)
   Matrix Derivatives
   QA188 .R63

Rossman, Allan J. and Chance, Beth L. (2001)
   Workshop Statistics: Discovery With Data
   QA276.12  .R673  2001

Rothman, Kenneth J. (1986)
   Modern Epidemiology
   RA651  .R84  1986

Rue, Havard and Held, Leonhard (2005)
   Gaussian Markov Random Fields: Theory and Applications
   QA274  .R84  2005

Rumsey, Deborah (2003)
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