Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Theory and Application
( ST 591A)(credit only; #credits: 3 (max.))

Some important materials for ST 591A course, Spring 1998
(Jan. 05 - May 01). Some of the files in this page are in postscript format which can be viewed using Ghostscript Viewer.

    Course registration (Call #: 858750, sec-002)
    Course descriptions (tentative) Handout
    Syllabus. (tentative topics of lectures)
    Home Assignments
    • HW1: Problem# 12, 14 & 18 from the handout. (due 01/16/98)
    • HW2: Download this file. (due 02/02/98)
    Presentations (04/20/98 - 05/01/98)
    S-functions (download and "source" these in Splus)
    Labs (HA G100)
    • Gibbs sampling. (01/14/98)
    • Inference from t-distribution. (02/16/98).
    • Various illustrations. (02/25/98)
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