ST790-002 - Advanced Survival Analysis 

Lectures: M, W 3:00-4:15pm, Riddick Hall 314. Syllabus 

Office Hours: W 1:20-2:50pm, 5212 SAS Hall (or by appointment)

Textbooks (optional): Counting Processes and Survival Analysis by Fleming and Harrington: Wiley (1991). 

Reference Books:

Tenative Course Schedule:


Project Reading:


Basic requirements for the project presentation: each person should prepare a talk slide (no more than 20 pages), which should cover the following materials:

1. the descriptions of the model and/or the problem of interest

2. the discussions of the proposed method such as the motivation of the method, the key ideas and the estimation procedure (this should be the focus of the presentation)

3. the asymptotic properties of the proposed estimators and their associated inference methods (if possible, you may outline the key steps for establishing the asymptotic results, for example, what techniques were used and what are the difficulties?)