Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression (Fall 2015)

                    TuTh 8:30AM - 9:45AM   Riddick HALL 315


Professor:  Dr. Ana-Maria Staicu [last name pronounced as "styku"]

Contact Information
Office: 5220 SAS Hall
Phone: 919 515-0644
Email: astaicu [at]  ncsu [dot] edu 
Office Hours
Monday 1:30PM-3:30PM 

Teaching Assistant: Sohini Raha
   Office Hours: Tu 3:00PM-5:00PM / Wed 12PM-2PM. Room: 1101 SAS Hall
   Email: sraha[at] ncsu [dot] edu

Temporarily changed office hours (Nov 17 - ):
   Teaching Assistant: Arkaprava Roy
   Office Hours: Tu 2:30PM-4:30PM / Th 2:30PM-4:30PM. Room: 1101 SAS Hall
   Email: aroy2 [at] ncsu [dot] edu

Software used in this course:
R is freely available at

 R Intro ||  R Lab [Courtesy of Charlie Smith]


No class: Thusrday Oct 1

Lecture Notes

Chapters 5: [Review]                                                     HW 1 (due Aug 27)   SOLN

Chapter 6: Point Estimation                                         HW 2 (due Sept 3)     SOLN

Handout Ch 6.1.

R code LLN

Handout Ch 6.2.
                                                           HW 3 (due Sept 10)     SOLN

Chapter 7: Confidence intervals (single sample)         HW 4 (due Sept 22)  [Revised Sept 18 !]  SOLN

7.0 Basic properties of confidence intervals

7.1 Confidence Intervals for population mean / Handout Ch 7.1

7.2 Confidence Intervals for population proportion (NOT covered: prediction intervals) / Lec 7.2


Midterm 1 [Thursday, September 24]   Grades HW 1-4 MidI / Midterm I grades summary
Formula Sheet

Chapter 8 Hypothesis testing (single sample)              HW 5 (due Oct 13)     SOLN

8.1 Hypotheses and test procedures

8.2 Tests about a population mean                                   HW 6 (due Oct 22)     SOLN

8.3 Tests concerning the population proportion

8.4 P-values

Chapter 9: Inferences for two samples

9.1 z Tests and intervals for the population mean difference            HW 7 (due Oct 29)     SOLN

9.2 t Tests  and intervals for the population mean difference

9.3 Paired t test  and confidence intervals for the population mean difference

9.4 Difference between population proportion

9.5 Difference between population variances                     HW 8 (due Nov10)     SOLN

Chapter 10: The ANalysis Of VAriance (ANOVA)

10.1 Single factor analysis of variance (ANOVA)   Data: box types    cereals

10.2 Multiple comparison in ANOVA

In class Quiz (soln)

Review session: Monday @ 5:30-6:30 5270 SAS Hall

Practice problems

Midterm 2 [Thursday, November 12]
Formula Sheet

Midterm II grades summary

Chapter 12:  Regression and correlation

12.1 The simple linear regression model                                HW 9 (Dec 3)      SOLN 

12.2 Estimating model parameters      (arsenic data)

12.3 Inferences about the slope parameter

12.4 ANOVA. Assessing the model adequacy. (sawdata.txt )

Practice problems

No class on Thursday Dec 3 2015

Additional help for the exam:

Friday :   OH 2:30 - 4PM SAS Hall 5220

Monday: Review session 2:00-3:30PM (SAS Hall 1220)
. Please bring questions/problems

Tuesday: OH 2:00 - 5:00PM 
Hall 1101


Final Exam [Thursday, December 10 @ 8:00AM]
Formula Sheet

Date Posted

  • 08/10/15 First Day of Class: Thursday August 20.