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Graduate Minor Programs

Students currently enrolled in a graduate program at NC State may request a statistics minor, unless the program is an option B program. Please consult the University's Graduate Administrative Handbook for rules about obtaining a minor. Below you will find information on the process and requirements for the statistics minor.


A formal request for the minor is not necessary until a Plan of Work (POW) is submitted to the student's home graduate program. If a student indicates a Statistics Minor, the POW is automatically routed to the Statistics DGP for approval. While it is not necessary to meet with the Statistics DGP prior to requesting approval, students are welcome to stop by during Walk-in Hours to discuss the minor. All questions regarding the graduate program should be directed to Graduate Services.

NOTE: A student in an Option B program can not get a minor.

Committee Requirements

Any graduate student with a minor at the Master's or PhD levels in Statistics must have a Department of Statistics representative on their Graduate Advisory Committee. This representative should be selected early in the student's program to be available to advise in the choice of courses. The minor representative for a student minoring in Statistics at the PhD level will be responsible for contributing questions to be included on the student's Preliminary Written Examination when the student's program requires them. Questions will be drawn from material covered in the minor courses listed on the student's POW and/or statistical methodology relevant to the student's research. The student should successfully complete this requirement before scheduling the Preliminary Oral Examination.

Coursework Requirements

(student must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the minor courses to be eligible)

Master's level - full minor: Requires 9 hours of course work consisting of:

  • One course sequence (6 hours) from Group I or Group II
  • 3 credit hours from another group (That is, the 9 hours must come from at least two different groups)
  • Answer questions from course work at Final Oral Exam

PhD level - full minor: Requires 18 hours of course work consisting of:

  • One course sequence (6 hours) from Group I
  • One course sequence (6 hours) from Group II
  • 6 credit hours from Group III
  • Answer questions from course work at Preliminary and Final Oral Exam