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Looking for Extra Help with a Statistics Class?

Your first avenue for help should be your instructor or your class Teaching Assistant (TA). However, for those students who prefer the personalized assistance of a tutor, please be aware that the Department of Statistics does not operate a tutoring service.

However, as a convenience to campus students seeking tutors for their statistics classes and to Department of Statistics students who want to tutor, we provide the list of tutors below, updated shortly after the start of each new semester. Please note that this is not a free service. The Department of Statistics offers no guarantee that students on this list will be available for tutoring, nor does it exercise any control over the arrangements made between tutors and those seeking tutoring.

Below is a list of graduate students that offer tutoring services. If you are unable to reach someone on the list, please try another name on the list.

Mityl Biswas
Arnab Chakraborty
Alex Cloud
Rahul Ghosal
Salil Koner
Suman Majumder
Liangyu Zhu

To contact a student, please use the NCSU Campus Directory.