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Faculty members at North Carolina State University and Duke University School of Medicine participate in the training program and are available as preceptors for trainees. Trainees are assigned an inter-institutional mentorship team consisting of biostatistician mentors at NCSU and Duke, with responsibilities for guiding academic progress and overseeing collaborative experiences; and a clinician mentor, who serves as a resource for experiential training in CVD science and research. A biostatistician "mentor-in-training," who is one of several Assistant Professors with less than 4 years experience, will augment some teams and will serve as a role model close in professional age to the trainees themselves.

Statistics Faculty at NCSU

Marie Davidian, Ph.D., Program Co-Director
Eric B. Laber, Ph.D.
Wenbin Lu, Ph.D.
Alison Motsinger-Reif, Ph.D.
Rui Song, Ph.D.
Ana-Maria Staicu, Ph.D.
Butch Tsiatis, Ph.D.
Jung-Ying Tzeng, Ph.D.
Daowen Zhang, Ph.D.

Biostatistics Faculty at Duke

Elizabeth DeLong, Ph.D., Program Co-Director
Andrew S. Allen, Ph.D.
Kevin Anstrom, Ph.D.
Huiman X. Barnhart, Ph.D.
Ben Goldstein
Andrzej Kosinski
Megan Neely
Sean O'Brien
Michael Pencina
Frank Rockhold
Laine Thomas