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SIBS Syllabus

The (mostly) final syllabus for Summer 2019 is shown below.

On most days (Mon-Fri), instruction will be in the form of lectures, special presentations, and group panel discussions in a morning (AM) session from 10:00 am - noon. In the afternoon (PM) session from 1:30 pm - 3:30pm, students will engage in "hands-on" activities including learning to use statistical software, data analyses, and computer simulation exercises.

Each week will feature a field trip related to issues of importance to biostatistics. Bus transportation will be provided.

Following common statistical practice, students will be randomized into teams of 2-3. During the first week of the program, each team will be assigned a project involving data from a real study carried out by Duke Clinical Research Institute or other research institutions. Over the course of the program, teams will become familiar with the data and, using techniques learned in class, carry out analyses to address the questions from the study. Teams will present their results during the last week of the program.

On weekends, we will take several "fun" field trips to attractions in the Triangle area and beyond. Field trips given below are representative and are subject to change.

Week 2
06/17/201910:00am - 12:00pmIntroduction to basic science research with applications in lung transplant
06/17/201901:30pm - 03:30pmBiostatistics in basic research with applications in lung transplant
06/18/201910:00am - 12:00pmAssociations among variables and introduction to linear regression analysis
06/18/201901:30pm - 03:30pmLab: Using statistical software for estimating associations and regression analysis
06/19/201910:00am - 12:00pmIntroduction to multiple linear regression
06/19/201901:30pm - 03:30pmLab: Using statistical software for multiple regression
06/19/201904:00pm - 05:00pmOptional lecture: Maximum likelihood - theory and methods
06/20/201910:00am - 12:00pmGenome association studies
06/20/201901:30pm - 03:30pmStatistical methods and models for genetic linkage analysis
06/21/201910:00am - 12:00pmBiostatistics and genetics: How statistical models and genetic technologies work together
06/21/201901:30pm - 05:00pmField trip to Nuero Lab
06/22/2019All DayNCSU Challenge Course

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