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Note to Incoming Freshmen

Welcome to Statistics at NC State University!

Congratulations on deciding to become a Statistics Major at NC State. We look forward to seeing you at New Student Orientation in July and when school starts in August.

New Statistics majors have been chosen to participate in the Self-Registration Program, which allows you to use the internet to register for your classes before you come to New Student Orientation. You should get, by U.S. mail, your Unity ID, password and PIN so that you can register. Those are three of the four things you need to register.

The fourth thing you need is some guidance in finding the courses you need. One source of help is the page section titled Building a Schedule. You probably want to bookmark this page so you can get back to it. The other sources of help are the academic advisors and staff in the Statistics Department.

The name of your academic advisor can be found in your MyPack Portal and should be available for personal consultations. You can either call or e-mail when you need some help. Ms. Dana Derosier is the administrative contact for the undergraduate program and can provide answers to many of your questions. Finally, Dr. Spencer Muse is the Undergraduate Program Director and is glad to talk to you about any problems or concerns you may have.

NC State has a useful page loaded with lots of information for incoming Freshmen.

Visit the Building a Schedule Page