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Statistics Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate Statistics program is one of the largest in the country with about 200 students, many of whom transferred from other programs on campus. A significant proportion of our undergraduates pursue advanced degrees in statistics or related fields following graduation. Upon completion of our program, students will be able to:

  • Explain the theoretical basis of commonly used statistical methods.
  • Design sample surveys and experiments for standard situations.
  • Correctly analyze and interpret the results from standard designed experiments, sample surveys, and observational studies.
  • Demonstrate sufficient computer programming ability to manage data, implement standard statistical methods, and learn new programming languages in the future.
  • Explain statistical ideas, methods and results orally and in writing to non-statistical audiences.


The following degrees are offered as part of the Undergraduate Program:

Activities and Opportunities

The following Activities and Opportunities are available to Statistics Undergrads:

Information for Incoming Freshmen

The links below will provide you with information about the Statistics Program and the field: