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Stat Club

The Statistics Club, organized to provide a social and occupational experience for those in the undergraduate program, meets several times each semester. Many of the functions sponsored by the club are aimed at promoting interest in the field of statistics among undergraduates. The club provides students the opportunity to hear professional statisticians tell how they use statistics on the job; helping students to become more aware of the various uses of statistics.

Through trips to agencies and industries for on-the-site observation of various experiments or surveys which use statistical methodology, students see firsthand that designing an experiment or survey and collecting and analyzing the data can be an exciting, challenging occupation. The purpose of the various activities is to broaden the student's exposure to the practice of statistics beyond the experience and knowledge gained through formal course studies. The club also helps the students become more aware of the many employment opportunities that are available to statisticians.

Social events usually include an ice-cream social, a cook-out at one of the local parks, a Christmas party for members and guests, and an annual trip to Washington, DC. Dinner and refreshments are also served at each meeting which gives students additional opportunities to socialize.

The officers of the club meet regularly to plan the various activities. The undergraduate administrator serves as club advisor. The club is funded by the College of Sciences Council and the Statistics Department.

More information about the Stat Club, including upcoming events, can be found on the stat club's facebook page or emailing the stat club liaison.