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Statistical Consulting Seminar (ST 641)

ST641 is taught each fall and spring semester. In this course Statistics graduate students provide statistical consulting to clients from around the university. The aims of the course are to give Statistics students experience in applying statistics to real problems and communicating with non-statisticians, and to provide service to the university community. At the start of the semester each ST641/841 student will be assigned to a project that has been contributed by faculty or students from around the campus who have requested statistical consulting services. A faculty advisor is also assigned to each project.

Requesting Consulting Services

NCSU faculty, staff and students who desire statistical consulting service can find additional information and request help using the following links.

Course Description
Submit a Request.

CALS Faculty, Staff and Students

Please note that CALS faculty, staff and students can receive more extensive consulting by contacting one of the Statistics Department's Consulting Faculty and Staff.
Statistics Department Consultants List

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