Department of Statistics Environmental Seminars
North Carolina State University


Jessica Matthews

NOAA's National Climatic Data Center

Ph.D 2010 NCSU

 Research Applications at the National Climatic Data Center


The world’s largest active archive of weather and climate data, NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), is located in Asheville, NC. North Carolina State University has a cooperative institute, CICS-NC (, with approximately 30 researchers co-located at NCDC. We will give a brief overview of the data center’s holdings, explain how the cooperative institute forms a bridge between academia and government, and detail several research applications currently being pursued by CICS scientists. In particular we will highlight: an international collaboration to produce a geostationary satellite based record of land surface albedo; a project using vegetation data to analyze annual start-of-springtime dates; and implementing neural networks to derive atmospheric temperature and water vapor profiles. 

Thursday, 17 October
4:15pm - 4:15pm
1216 SAS Hall

Refreshments will be served in the Dan Solomon Commons at 3:45pm .
NOTE: No food or drink is allowed in any of the classrooms in Riddick Hall.